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A Father's Day Special
Something new on the Menu
A Bolter's Dream Girl?
Classic Trucks and movies -- a great combo
New Links
New Gallery Additions
Vintage Truck Subscription Winner
The Stovebolt Server is ready to retire

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Vintage Truck Subscription Winner for May:

Sarah Cox
Dallas, Texas

Maybe the next can be you? Check here for details!

Help support Stovebolt by re-newing your subscription here! Thanks!

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We need to replace the server!
Can you help?

Help keep this site going and growing!

and not clogged down with Ads!


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June Gallery Additions
In case you missed any

   Well, we've had another good stack of Gallery Additions this month. Check 'em out.

   Want to include a big THANK YOU to Lori "Lori66" Spencer, our Gallery Gal for the help she's been over the last year in getting these done. Now that they've moved from Florida, that is one super busy lady (two little ones, full time job, part time college, active duty Navy hubby). So, we had to give her a break!

   So, so far Therese Kingsbury has been pulling in extra info on the submittals and she's doing a great job. We are getting some important and helpful info from these recent batches.

   Keep 'em coming - we'll keep 'em going!

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Thanks to this month's sponsor:


Bringing you this month's Stovebolt News is The Hollister Road Company, specializing in used 1947 to 1959 Chevy truck parts and replacement body panels.

Along with new and used truck parts, Hollister Road Company also manufactures fan, fuel pump and air pump relay kits with high quality wire and relays. They  can cut used body panels and cab or frame sections to your specifications.

If your upper cab corner or roof panel on your 1947 - 1959 Chevy Truck is damaged, Hollister can cut one to fit.

Frame sections, cross members and all the odd hard to find used chassis parts and brackets -- they can help you with those.

Dave's been in the truck business for almost 40 years in one form or another. Give him a call 713-937-0387 or email him if you need good used parts.

Check out some of Dave's inventory! He's got a LOT of stuff!


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And now ...
The News!

A Father's Day Special

Sam and Naaman Border's 1936 Chevy Pickup Trucks

    Sam Border has been working along side his Dad (Naaman) for a long time. Some Father and Son time included helping with Naaman's 1936 Chevy 1/2-Ton. (Sam's got a great picture from when he was eight ... and the truck was blue).

    When Sam was in high school, he said he got the bug to get his own 1936 Chevy -- and she looks mighty nice, too!

    After 45 years, Father and Son are ready to re-build Naaman's ... and will have fun doing it together!

    Read more of this good Father's Day story on Naaman's Gallery page!

Happy Father's Day
to all our Dads !

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    Summer is fast approaching. For many of you, it's been here a while. And for the Kiwis and the folks in Oz ... bundle up and stay warm! (stoke the stove and get some work done on your trucks!)

    June means the Summer show season is underway! (well, for our Northern Hemisphere Bolters, that is...). From informal GABFests to full-blown shows, Stovebolters on the Northern half of the planet are getting out, seeing each other and, more importantly, getting their trucks seen! And as all of us who get out and about (you guys should hear Mapleleaf or Jarge say that ... ) know, Stovebolts attract a LOT of attention!

    For June, we have some neat stories you'll enjoy -- From a simple "trash the dress" experience of the Texas Connection, to a full-fledged General Motors television commercial with a 'Bolter's 1936 GMC truck (that story is still in the works)!


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Something new on the menu
Something for everyone

       If you haven't noticed, up in the menu bar (at the top, bottom and left of the pages) is a new link! We finally updated the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page and put it out in the open!! The old FAQ page was the last remnant of the original site (from 1995!) and still reflected the 1939 and 1940 Chevy truck focus. Tom Brownell suggested we expand the site to cover all the pre-1973 years, but that ole FAQ section always seemed to be last in line for an update.

       No more! We moved it to the front of the line, trimmed it up (still working on it, too), moved some of it into the Tech Tips Section and voila! Magnifico! We hope you think so, too! And if it doesn't ... then grab a corndog and yer favorite beverage, settle in and help us update it even more! If all y'all in the Restoration forums think of some more FAQ's, pass them on to us via the appropriate Moderator. Help us do a better job of keeping this page fresh!

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What in the Wide Wild World of the Web is a goin' on here?
Could this be a Bolter's "dream girl"?

       You've got to read this fun story from the Texas Connection. A funny thing happened to them on the way back from the Ft. Worth Swap Meet this past April.

       We're not even going to give you a hint on this one. You've got to go read it for yourself to appreciate it -- Old trucks are chick magnets, right?

       And yes, that IS a BFH in her hand ...


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Classic Trucks and the movies: a great combination!
by J.A. Ceschin, Editor of We Love Old Trucks

        You've got a cool old truck, no matter what the condition . It's no surprise! There's a lot of folks who like the looks of them. And they're becoming more popular in ads, commercials and movies. So, if you've never done it, you should try.

       Plus, this could be some nice spending money, or should I say "getting money" for your truck for a change. YOU may have a star on your hands! So, come read what Joe has to say about letting your old truck earns its keep ... possibly!


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New Links
Thanks for sending them

       We had a big discussion on getting your truck and parts from here to there. The guys came up with a few more transportation options -- and some good advise. You might want to browse through the discussion to check it all out.

  • Markey Trucking in Dallastown, PA -- 717-244-2479 or 244-6420 (ask for Mike) (Services / Hauling)
  • Tow 411 - Towing Information Network -- Message board for towers by towers (Services / Hauling)
  • Hotshoe Network -- Listing of carriers (Services / Hauling)

Here are some other recommended links:

  • Cummins 4BT Forums -- Installing a Cummins 4BT is the hot new upgrade for your 'Bolt! Here's a great discussion forum for tackling this not-so-hard-as-you-might-think project! -- From a discussion with another Stovebolter who is doing it - good info, very specific
  • Antique Auto Supply -- In Arlington, TX - NOS parts 1909-1972 (Parts) -- Woogeroo came across this one on the local news station. "One man in the middle of a million parts" ... come check out the YouTube video -- Nine warehouses full of stuff
  • American Truck Historical Society Discussion Forum -- They have a new url for their new discussion forum (Trucksites) -- Eddy Lucast noticed the url had changed and sent us the new location

And some that came in asking to be listed on the site:

  • Car Moves -- "29 years of auto transport" -- get a quote online (Services / Hauling) -- me thinks they got wind of the aforementioned discussion
  • For Sale Tube -- Try selling / buying your truck with video (Services) -- they've only got one truck listed but it could be a neat service. Although, I suppose you can make a video on YouTube just as easily. Never know ... worth a looksee.

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Stovebolt's First Server is ready to retire
She's been mighty faithful


    Soon after we "spoke the words," American Classic Truck Parts offered to match each Stovebolt donation -- dollar for dollar. This will "cut the pain in two" as the saying goes ... and "double our pleasure" once we get it all set up and working.

    A big thanks to American Classic for joining the rescue party, along with the other Bolters who are kicking in some change for the pickle jar. We had a "Double Dog Dare" (check the thread) in the Greasy Spoon, and this got moving fast! Thanks, thanks!

       She's been a faithful ole girl and even put up with John trying to murder her from time to time (but not deliberately ...) She's been rode hard and put away wet, and seven years after American Classic Truck Parts bought her for us, she's come to the end of her line -- there's no longer any vendor support for it. We feel burning out our Stovebolt Geek trying to duck tape drives and wires back together is no way to treat a volunteer. Not to get all misty eyed, but she's taken us from a million hits a month to a constant seven million and she's just plumb tuckered out! It's time to turn her out to pasture.

       So, we are pulling out Peggy's big pickle jar to see if some folks can help us get a bright-eyed frisky new filly of a server we can put right in the harness to keep this ole chuck wagon of a web site just a rollin' right along. We are still clicking along at more than 7 million hits a month and we don't want to loose anything. Paul worked up the requirements for a new server to make it better and more exact to what we need without any whistles or bells we don't need. And it's on order.

       As you know, we only pull out Peggy's Pickle Jar when we need to. And we need to. Paul says the cost is $2,100. So, if you are able to put a little something in the Pickle Jar... we appreciate it! For now ... we're pulling out the plastic and walking by faith!!!

       And before all this came about, we still have our faithful gang who contributes toward the light bill. We are ever grateful. We were able to get a second flag to send around to the various GABFests. Alvin "Achipmunk" Parris will debut the Traveling Flag this Fathers' Day Weekend at his South Carolina GABFest ... and we'll be anxious to see those pictures!

       A big thanks to the May Contributors to the Pickle Jar!

  • Fred "joker" Scott
  • Don "BillyDon" Hatcher
  • Paul "Super55" Stanley
  • Dale "cameo1956" Krick
  • JIMBO59CHEVY" Giminiani (10th donation)
  • Luis "58Hound" Guerra
  • Ed Hoover
  • Trev "37 Chevy Truck Guy" Jensen (2nd donation)
  • Richard "Richard G" Gallahue
  • Alvin "Achipmunk" Parris (4th donation)
  • Cleon "31,32,33" Eck (2nd donation)
  • Jeff "Rusty Rod" Backus
  • Terry "27Capitol" Kirberger
  • Bruce Johnstone
  • Richard Thomas
  • Steve "hourhand" Bullard
  • Scott "Woogeroo" Hardin
  • Mark "MNSmith" Smith (3rd donation)
  • Doug "desertdog" Saltmarsh
  • Sabrina "Sab" Iturbe (5th donation)
  • Bob "rlsacco1" Saccoccia
  • Keith "Slickriffs" Lebo
  • Bruce "heidel410" Heidel
  • Ron "mummdogg" Mummert
  • Brian "colettesbro" Johnson (10th donation)
  • Brian "colettesbro" Johnson (9th donation)
  • Ron "WE b OLD" Steltz (3rd donation)
  • Les "Roadmarks" Parker (2nd donation)
  • John "Jockbolter" Watt
  • Michael "65PanelMike" Rocheleau
  • Mike "Dakota" Jordanger
  • Alan "Alan's 57" Gudroe
  • George Moniz
  • Dan "Chev 4+6" Groah
  • Carl Malone
  • Alan "acwhite" White
  • Keith "Workinonit" Bevan (2nd donation)
  • Mike "Gator" Heinz
  • Dave "54 TOW" Colter (2nd donation)
  • Jim "Jim Bow" Bowman
  • Alvin "A Chipmunk" Parris (3rd donation)
  • Deljeanne "Dej" Barreda
  • Charlie "Zipper" Stockwell
  • Sabrina "Sab" Iturbe (4th donation)
  • JIMBO59CHEVY" Giminiani (9th donation)
  • Dave "1958 GMC Nut" Betker
  • Scott "ia49" Telford


Business donors:

Tom Collier's Truck Parts

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