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    Met you in OZ

IRWIPI Photo Contest begins Oct 1
Tech Tip - Slick Seat Adjustment
The DITY Gallery - new in forum
New Gallery Additions
New Links
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It Ran When I Parked It 2008 Photo Contest
Get those cameras going!      

      It's been a big month with a lot of traveling and writing, but we just wanted to let you know that the kick off for this year's It Ran When I Parked It Photo contest will be October 1. We already have about 20 submissions already here (some came right after last year's contest!).

      We have drafted the theme page. But if you need a sneak peak to what this is all about, come on and take a look. It'll be much like last year. We'll run October 1 through December 4.

      We've started on prize-hunting, too. Will have all the details as soon as we can. And we'll add the pictures as they come in. So, give us a little more time to get the page set up ... but YOU can start shooting now. Anything that DOESN'T move.

Stovebolt Supporters
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      Thanks again to those who have made financial contributions to keep this site going.

  • Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts
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  • Ray "Oehm Jr.'s 46" and Donna "My Truck " Oehm -- 3rd donation
  • Mike "OlTrucks" Taylor - 2nd donation
  • Terry "27Capitol" Kirberger -- 5ht donation
  • Bill "1st series 55" Hawkins











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Kansas City Initial Report

     The 4th Annual Stovebolt Reunion in Kansas City was just incredible. For starters .... well, we don't really know where to start. There were so many cool things going on. You'll have to read the feature (when it's done) for the details. But some of the huge pointers:

What a great turnout! We were tickled purple as Bolters continued to come up to Camp Stovebolt and introduce themselves. A few missed the group shot (Mexico Sab, Alberto, Mongo and Lisa, Tony Smith ... others, I'm sure). We'll get the names on the image as soon as we can find Ed Blouch!

Stovebolt t-shirts for the event! Nicole (gmchick) did a fantastic job on the shirts (and they made it!).

The Jim Carter tour was outstanding and a great bargain for some of our guys. Jim Carter offered a 15% discount for orders coming in over the big weekend. But not just to those who made the trip to the event. He extended it to all contributors for the weekend. Mike "Ol trucks" Taylor (our tour guide for the grand event) said, the idea is ... save that 15% and come next year! Very cool.

Visit to Classic Parts. This was our first visit to Classic Parts. Robert Mata, the General Manager, gave a nice tour of the place. He had his staff take care of the late-comers on Saturday with a tour, too. We got t-shirts and hats! Robert also offered a 10% discount for Stovebolters. Be sure to use "stovebolt" when you order (see here).

Fancy embroidered Stovebolt polo shirts the KC truck club hooked us up with (all that purple in the photo!) were just awesome. You could easily spot our people throughout the park!

Name tags. I LOVED the fact that Cletis and 27Capitol wore their name tags from last year!! Ed "DaOzTinman" Hoover had all that covered with some very professional looking tags and holders.

The set up! Did I say professional looking? Well, wait until you see the pictures of our SPOT! Ed had two tents, two tables (with a Stovebolt cover), a bunch of Stovebolt pens, Stovebolt magnetic calendars, two choices of coffee mugs, a cooler filled with drinks and water, MORE prizes.

     Mongo had us parked right near the food vendors (yum) and an short walk to the restrooms (the only ones for the park). A big "oh nuts" hit Mongo when he got a call on Thursday night with a report that the port-o-pots were not coming. So, score a big one for us there!

     I'm so glad Cletis brought his guitar. Next year, John Lucas will help coordinate music lyrics (LOL)!

     Mongo got another truck. Or is that one Lisa's. (Gotta read the feature!)

     Check the Stovebolt Photobucket to see the pictures that the gang took, including captions. The Feature will follow as soon as we can get to it!

     Ed's got a pretty good tale for an appetizer!

xxxxxxxxxxx OztoberFest
We're still in Kansas, Dorothy

     Ed "DaOzTinman" Hoover considered the Stovebolt Reunion just a "warm up" since he's on the committee for a major event in his town: The OZtoberfest in Wamego, Kansas.

     Ed told the committee "You need some trucks in here." So, working his magic (he's really good at that), this is the first year that any vehicle displays have been allowed. Great job (as usual) Ed!

     So as part of the OztoberFest, we have:

The Tinman's Truck & Tractor Show

and Stovebolt GABFest

October 4th and 5th

     This is quite a big doings in Wamego. And if your family happens to like the Wizard of Oz stuff -- they have a LOT of it for this weekend. Be sure to check their schedule of events!

     We had a great response at the Stovebolt Reunion, so it looks like this will be a return crowd for some and a firstie for those who couldn't make the event in September.

     Several Stovebolts are slated to bring in the REAL (alive not yet dead) Munchkins and event officials for the Opening Ceremony on Saturday. All others can be escorts! Here is a chance at some RARE bragging rights (not many can say they have had a real Munchkin in their truck)! Ed has his spaces reserved for the Stovebolters. "Other trucks" are planning to come also.

     One of the highlights of Saturday will be the Tinman's Pedal Truck Races. Ed has gotten two Pedal trucks (black 1920's style) which he has customized (as you can see). Wanna see some more details -- and the Chevy truck? We just couldn't resist. These are way cool! We know the chairs that Ed got for the Reunion were lusted after big time. So, we bet these will, too!

     As with other GABFests there'll be food, prizes and much hoo-haa-haa! On Saturday, the Stovebolt gang will head over to Toto's Taco's for general GABing and munchies. Remember, you don't have to bring your truck to enjoy the festivities.

     For more details, check the Tinman's forum in the Grassy Knoll.


Tech Tip
Slick Seat Adjustment

          So you reach down next to the seat and push / pull / yank while jerking your body to move the seat in a way that gets you strange looks from passers by. But the seat doesn't move! You're stuck either sucking that gut in so you can turn the wheel, or reaching out with your tippy toes just to push the clutch pedal!

          Now, now ... no need to rip everything out and install cheesy bucket seats seats from an '81 Malibu. Here's Kip "Kip's41" Bonds with a tip for easier seat adjustment for a 1941-1946 truck.


Do it yourself Gallery
Messin' in the Forums, again
It's called "progress"

     Man, we have been burning the midnight oil and STILL have a LOT of Gallery submissions! They keep pouring in on a regular basis. There are four of us working on them and we still have a backlog of about 100. So, we are going to try a "Do it yourself Gallery" and see how that works!

     Some Bolters are coming into the Forums anyway and talking about their truck(s) there. Plus, they get nice feedback from the other members (something we have strived for). The DITY Gallery is set up as a sub-forum of the Welcome Centre. Feel free to tell us every little detail about your truck(s) but be sure to LINK to images and not post images on the page. Check the IT Shortbus for a list of image-hosting sites that work well.

     Having the DITY Gallery will should lessen some of the juggling the G-Team has been doing to get complete submissions. We hope it will give us a quicker turn-around for uploading to the main Gallery page and subsequently to the year pages.

     Speaking of the Gallery, changes, etc., we have a very cool Gallery update that we just KNEW was on the horizon. Brad Baldwin (1964 Chevy Panel 4 x 4) sent us our first update with YouTube video. It's great!! I love it. So, if you don't have an image-hosting site, and you like the way the video works, you may want to consider one that offers video storage as well. And if you are on dial-up ... go to the library for some speed!


New Gallery Additions
So speaking of the Gallery ...

     Man, I don't know where all these trucks come from. And I know we haven't even scratched the surface (after seeing so many in Kansas City). So, I know our list of additions will never really get shorter! So, we got another 31 new ones or updates in there again this month. Check out to see what you've missed! Folks are doing real good with their stories and information. AND it's been great to see them referencing other Bolters submissions for paint ideas, truck ideas, parts, etc. It's what we LIVE for!!


New Links    
And a few testimonies    

Roy Vaillancourt (1951 Chevy 3100 5-window) sent us this lead:

I am having my radiator “restored.” That is, the core needs to be replaced and some of the bracketry and bands are a little rusted, etc. I found Cap-A-Radiator -- this guy local to us here on Long Island (New York). He does vintage radiator restorations. He’ll keep all the fittings, etc. stock and even maintain all the correct parts that are date coded. He prefers the older stuff. pre-1970. Neat place.

The site adds they can upgrade "more modern cores to retain the vintage look but provide better cooling."

Classic Radiator is also located on Long Island (NY). They are a division of Cap-A-Radiator and have an on-line catalog.

While searching for some general information, John M came across a cool guide to the newer transmissions by Motive Gear. Their main page says they "distributes aftermarket drivetrain products for the differential, driveline, manual transmission & transfer case. Some of our main products include: ring and pinions, axle shafts, carriers, internal kits, bearing kits, as well as manual transmission and transfer case components. We also offer remanufactured manual transmissions and transfer cases for a variety of light duty trucks and cars."


Low Cost Trailer Supplies -- John M recently installed a trailer hitch on the '65 GMC fire truck and had to re-wire the whole back of the truck while installing the trailer connection.  He found this online source for trailer parts and accessories and got some really nice stuff, including an integrated (sealed) 7-pole RV plug receptacle for the truck as well as a weather-tight wiring junction box.  They have all kinds of other supplies like lights, tool boxes, electrical supplies, etc.  If you're wiring up for a trailer, check  'em out.

Rare Parts -- Howard Keith had some problems with his ball joints for his 1961 GMC 1/2-ton and was at a total loss to find what he needed. He found Rare Parts (by referral) and they had what he needed! front end parts specialist (ball joints, steering rods, anything steering related). Napa use to have it and they don't have it any more. But they do! They specialize in steering and suspension only!

Kenneth Crenwelge This is a link to Fleet Pride, a company that sells medium to heavy duty aftermarket parts.  They have many branches and sell many things that members may be surprised that fit old bolts.  We buy from them in our trucking business. Their web site says, they have "the largest inventory of new and remanufactured medium to heavy-duty parts for trucks and trailers."

These others came in via email:

  • USA Trailer Hitches -- Starting with 1934, trailer hitches and hitch accessories (Trailers)

  • Truck Champ -- Discount truck accessories, including bed covers and tonneau covers (Parts)

  • Americlean -- Lots of related info on pressure washing, blasting, painting, coating and additional related topic info (Services)

  • Northeast Fasteners -- Nuts and bolts, specialty automotive fasteners and hardware assortments, with pictures (Tools)
  • Classic Heaters -- "Send the heater core for your vintage truck to have it put back into like new condition" (Services)
  • Advance Design Trucks -- A new web site just for the 1947 - 1954 Chevy and GMC Advance Design trucks (Truck sites)




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