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The Forum "Glove Box Manual"

New Saga

Stovebolt Valentine

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Visit - Woodworking Superstore!

        We got some interesting news from Rockler -- a name many of you who work with wood (as in Making a Stovebolt Bed) are familiar with. This month, they just introduced their Adjustable Clamp-It Assembly Square. (Sounds like a neat Valentine's Present, eh?) They say this product is like their successful original Clamp-It, but can be adjusted to many different angles.  Like the original Clamp-It, the Adjustable Clamp-It acts as a third hand and allows you to set perfect 90º angles for standard assemblies and glue-ups.

        Rockler is the only company to offer a product like this, and they feel it will be very successful. They've got some interesting facts and demonstrations on their web site. And it's cheap -- under $20!

       Shoot, if nothing else, get a free catalog ... got some cool tools in there!

The Forum
"Glove Box Manual"

        Do we have a surprise for you!! We can tell you all about it, but it would not do it justice. Bill "red58" LePage did a great job of getting all the facts and he put together this informative and very entertaining guide for using the Stovebolt forums. He's covered issues about log in, profiles, navigation, searching, posting, editing, questions (IT Shortbus), adding links and pictures, and your email information. Norselander gave it a going over and was so inspired, he created this neato image for our "delivery man." Thanks for making this happen. Let Bill know if you have any suggestions (especially now that he's the IT Shortbus moderator -- you can easily find him). We eventually will take out the plain, old, dull and boring FAQ listing in the forum and insert this more fun version!

The Stovebolt Forum Users
'Glovebox Manual'

        Congratulations on your wise choice! With proper care and attention, you will have many hours of pleasurable and rewarding time with your New Bolt Forum!  In the following pages, we will guide as you travel down the Stovebolt Information Super Highway, and we'll explain the Advanced Functions and Features of The Bolt Forum.

        Should you encounter any difficulties in the operation of this Fine Conveyance on your journey of Stovebolt Ownership, simply pull into the IT Shortbus Forum that you will find nearby, and inquire of our helpful technicians, and we will soon have you on your way once more.  Our Guarantee is simple: this darn Forum worked until you jumped in. We'll figure out what you're doing wrong!

New Saga

Stovebolter to the Bone

        We have a lot of activity on the site - with lots of old time Stovebolters and now: "Stovebolters, The Next Generation" is slowly coming onboard. This kind of motivation and Stovebolt Fever is great to be part of.

        Eric "Beast54" Radak's story is just one that confirms "Where there's Stovebolt Passion, there's a way!" From learning how to do all this restoration stuff (and I do mean ALL) to some creative financing ideas to continue his project, Eric's story is another wonderment to the Power of the Bolt! And Eric must have Stovebolt Radar -- besides what he mentions in his saga, he had the winning It Ran When I Parked It entry for 2005 and The Peoples' Choice in 2004!

        Eric started his saga at age 17 with a a 1954 Chevrolet 3100. Now, two years later, he's 19 with still quite a story to share ... and best yet: HIS TRUCK IS FINISHED and IT LOOKS GREAT!

       Come read this story and puff out your chest a little, too!

Stovebolt Love

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     We're up to 514 now!


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Mail Bag

         You have a terrific web site. I don`t know how you did it. It sure beats watching TV during the cold South Dakota winters.


Dick Hilmoe
Bolter # 9410
South Dakota


         I really cannot thank you enough for hosting such a terrific website. I get so much enjoyment from visiting and communicating with folks on the site … and all the new forums and news updates are wonderful.

Robert Burgoyne
Bolter # 1976
Colorado Springs

         When my truck ('56 Chevy Stepside / Daily Driver) hit the Gallery here recently, my site got 4,446 hits over the next five days .... of course, not all of these were Chevy-related but according to my stats, my Chevy photo page got huge numbers!

         How cool!

Larry Bearfield
"Larry Bear"
Bolter # 5668
Carlisle, MA

Stovebolt Stats

Here's how we ended up in February:

Hits: 4,970,97     Bytes: 60,663,028,099     Individual Visits: 131,446     Pages Viewed: 1,290,718

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