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New Stuff -- April 2005

New things on the site you just might have missed

I know it may be hard to squash the feeling of winter, but peas remember spring is soon to turnip. Lettuce us prepare for warmer weather so that when when the thyme comes, we may be ready..


    Well, as many of you have noticed the BIG news for April is the brand-spanking new Forums! We'll still be doing a bit of a shakedown to get it where we want it. You see some neat stuff on YOUR end but you should see this side of the highway ... aaaaaaahhhh ... dead brain cells everywhere. This program is gonna make it better; we just have a serious learning mountain to climb -- sortta like winning the Iditarod with a team of chihuahuas!

      And we just gotta say, this fancy new forum would not have been possible without the cash donations made by these fine folks:

George Mills David Frances Fred "Truckernix" Nixon Timothy Sheridan Steve Goldfarb
Kip James Jamison Joe McNeel James Karras Stuart "Sublime" Watts
Dave Kissick Bruce Kinsey Charlie "Cletis" Hardin Andrew Houck Ronald Steltz
Joy Pascarella Fred "Joker" Scott Jerry Acheson David "Dust N Splinterz" Knokey Barry Weeks

    So, with those ever frightening words, "The check's in the mail," Paul Schmehl spent a very long night installing the new software. Good timing. This software had just come out and there weren't going to be any more upgrades to the old. A very heartfelt thanks to all -- You have made it beneficial for all!

Help keep this site going and growing!


    With all that going on ... here's a little something for you (we still have some Tech Tips in the works). Mike Boteler (a good friend and neighbor from the local ATHS Baltimore-Washington Chapter -- host of the 2006 ATHS National Show!!! -- that has taken in the Stovebolt Headquarters) has sent in the next batch of years for the Series tip. Mike has some great other tech tips on his site. Cletis has connected us with a GMC source, and the one we did get done from Alan Horvath .. well, you just gotta check out Alan's site. He's got lots in there already -- he posts a photo-tutorial on every project, so there'll always be more. Would you believe this is his "first experience with an old vehicle." And he's got good music!

"I would hate to lose this Page. It helps give life meaning." ~~ Ron Steltz


What we did get done ...


Handsome devil, ain't he?

J.C. Milliman


Road Rage, road rash, road fever ... Road Kill -- Ah, the detrius flung to the shoulder of this electronic autobahn. Here's a few opinions, all road related (mostly ...) to stimulate critical thinking, improve our driving habits or just waste a little time idling our brains.

Build yourself a drink, light 'em if ya got 'em and enjoy!

A few new Roadkills ~~~~ Round is Beautiful - Flightline Music ~~~~ Brokenhearted Dad ~~~~ Farming for Metaphors




USA Day in New Zealand

    March 5, 2005 was a day to enjoy "Yank Tanks" according to Dusty Miller. Dusty sent in a nice report and some good photos from this Kiwi event in a land far from Stovebolt HQ.


IRWIPI 2004 is put to rest

    The contest is way over and the CALENDAR (which is for 2005) is finally done!!

    So ... as you venture out now ... be sure to get your best shots for the 2005 contest. And if you have any ideas for a theme ... we're game. We're actually a little creatively-challenged lately so it might be quite helpful. Unless fresh cut grass, fertilizer, insecticides and composte will "bring us back around" over the next few months. Not sure. But ... if you have a good idea ... send it in. But the rest of you, do remember to get some pictures. And WE promise to start the contest on time this time. Promise!

    You can order your calendar from this closet in the Hoo-ya store. The store has a new format. You can go see what's available from CafePress and then check out the Stovebolt Art Gallery to see what you want where. Ja, fer sure ... you can have it YOUR WAY at Stovebolt King!

Forum Special

    Where in the World Wide Web are these people coming from? Well, for a bit of a break, we thought we'd do a temporary special forum. A little international Stovebolt flavor. Seems lately, we've been getting more of Bolters checking in from South Africa ("Siyabonga!"), New Zealand (Yeah whatever!"), Germany ("Sind hier in der Nähe gute Strände?"), Sweden ("En öl snälla!")... and lots of other places. So, we thought we'd give 'em a bit of a Stovebolt Melting Pot. See what's cooking around the world and what unique problems are out there that are not shared with USA or Canadian Bolters.

    Just for fun. Could be a bust ... but we don't think so. We have this gear-grinding karma kinda feeling about it! Welcome to the Stovebolt Page -- We put the WORLD in the WORLD-wide web!!!

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