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  • News!
    • Family project is Gallery's 1,000th submission!
    • Staff Additions
    • Site Changes
    • Stovebolt Mall expands!
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  • This Month's Feature
    • Get some kicks on Route 66

Family project is Gallery's 1,000th submission!

       The Gallery now has more than 1,000 truck entries. WOW!!! That's humbling to look back and see how far we've come in 10 years since the site started with just two trucks -- Keven Bremer's '39 half-ton and Barry Week's '40 half-ton, the Stovebolt Page foundational trucks. And what an inspiration to see who our 1,000th truck represents -- the Little Rascals Rod Shop -- Dale Holt's '52 GMC 3/4-ton from Castle Rock, WA.

       "We drive the truck almost daily," says Dale. "It drives great! Future plans are to completely strip it down and paint it. This truck was built with NO money, just parts that were lying around the shop or with donated parts."

       "The goal was to get the kids interested in old cars and to teach them how to work on old cars," he adds. "It was built over the course of two weeks with the help of two 14-year olds (Chris and Josh), one 11-year old (Zac), and one exhausted 37-year old father (Dale). Patti (Mom) painted lettering on the doors, and painted gauges."

       Involving the young'uns in the project to get 'em into old trucks and lern 'em how to fix 'em. That's exactly what we're here for -- enjoying the hobby and passing it along to the next generation! If this doesn't make you feel good, you ain't breathing! This looks like a feature in the making -- stay tuned!

More Staff -- yee ha!

Glenn A. Foster          The Lonestar State rides to the rescue AGAIN!!! In the Big Bolts Forum, Glenn A. Foster is the new herd boss. The Texas cowboy is ridin' herd on the big doggies.

       Behind the scenes, Whoopie Man , Bill LePage (Squeeze), is busy whooping up on "whoops" pages. He said there's more than 20,000 pages on the site. Yikes!

       Our Secret Agent Lancelot Link, (or is that Link Lance-A-Lot?), the Luminous Liberator of Lonesome Links, the Legendary and Lambent Link Locator -- our Link Lineman -- Bruce Michaels. He's been researching link submissions and adding them to the Web's largest List of Links for classic GM trucks right here on the Stovebolt Page -- Our very own Lots O' Links page.

       And the tenaciously talented and triumphantly truculent Techno Tyrant, Gordon Hillsden (of Fran and Gord fame), has done a little "scripting" to get us a real count of the gallery submissions, plus some other neat stuff.

       (Peggy Note: Can you tell I got John a new thesaurus for Christmas??)

       So now, Peggy has a whole new crew of folks to badger regularly (John's note: Oops, did I say that?? I only thought it...) And what a difference all this has made. You'll see more Tech Tips, more Links, more Gallery pages, the second calendar done, the It Ran calendar and poster almost done!. Yee ha.

       Thanks one and all!

Changes -- We know how much you like them

Your password? Yes, did you know you can change your password in the forums. Is X7yk5O just to hard to remember? Change it! Log in to your profile (and while you're there, you can update it, too -- maybe a picture; clean out your cookies; check for private messages ... hmmm?) and change your password. Just type it in. The system logs you out and emails the new password to your email address. Technology is great, eh? Sometimes... (and a post-note -- if you mess up, now we have the IT Shortbus in our forums ~~ Editor / August '05)

Your screen name? While we're at it, you might want to know that you can have a different screen name than your log-on name. You can't change your log-in unless you re-register and start over. But you can change your screen name as often as you change your skivvies!

Moving the Greasy Spoon. The Spoon seems to be quite the gathering place of friendly Stovebolters (and thank you for that). We've moved it down on the list so that all the regular truck stuff comes first. Ahhh ... no whining now (remember 'Spoon Rule #6).

Stovebolt Hoo-ya Store has expanded to a strip mall

         The second Stovebolt calendar is out! Got some really nice looking Stovebolts in there. You all did a good job with your composition. Notice Bob Rankin from Western Australia ('41 Chevy 1/2-ton Flatbed in the photo below right). He really takes this seriously ... and he made the print!

        Lawrence Norris ('48 Chevy 1-ton) tells us his family now refers to "Old Willie" as "Mr. November."

         So, with this addition and a few ideas coming in for some shirts, stickers and the like, we figured we'd better go ahead and make the hoo-ya store into a strip mall. We figured this would be the best way to let you know what's new around here.

        Ideas are always welcome. You need to see the changes and specials (CafePress has a $5 off coupon here) so come browse a bit.


This Month's Additions

Tech Tips



<--Michael's Flag Firewall


Mongo's Low-buck
Cab Dolly -->

Who says you can't get great parts for your Stovebolt? Mike Jordanger found this classic seat for his 1950. Check the Lots O' Links section and Swap Meet.




And in case you've missed any of these ...

The January Gallery Submissions

Jon Arnett's 1950 Chevy 3600
Jon's got a neat picture of his Stovebolt in a parade. This is the 999 Gallery submission!

Michael Jordanger's 1950 Chevy 3600

"Dakota" says it's "a little cold in South Dakota, so work is slow in the winter" -- that's got to be an understatement!
Michael Hill's 1958 Chevy Apache
"It was given to me by my grandfather when I was 15 years old."
Patrick Dean's 1972 Chevy C-10
"66patrick" has some pictures of his "new" Stovebolt!

Randy McManus 1937 Chevy Pickup

Randy's got an update -- working on that cab!

Andre Tetrault's 1958 GMC 1/2-Ton Stepside
"I want to make her street legal and use her to go to work" -- great garage, too!

Stephen Shore's 1953 3800 Dump Truck

She's still earning her keep!

Tony Taylor's 1941 Chevy 1/2-Ton AK

"Tweak" brings us some great shots of "Petey" -- "He’s only got one problem … He likes to mark his territory"

Joe Soliz's 1972 Chevy C-40

"Little pickup" is used for hauling project materials. Like all stovebolts, it gets alot of attention.

Dave Shirlin's 1955 Chevy 1st Series 3100

Dave's got an update for this beautiful "farm truck"
Kevin Wren's 1940 Chevy 1/2-Ton

"Very excited to find this web site and have enjoyed learning about the project that I have taken on."
Don Graham's 1971 Chevy C-20 Custom Deluxe

Look what this man has done already!
Bob Carragher's 1959 Chevrolet Longbed Stepside

Trying to keep it bone stock this is an original 65,000 mile Texas truck for this third owner"
Cliff Norris' 1948 Chevy 1-Ton
"Old Willie" -- "It's a great old truck"
Richard Dilly's 1941 GMC; 1939 Chevrolet Master Coach and (just for fun) and 1963 Corvair Coupé

Richard sends some photos from France. The GMC issa niiiiiiice (that soundsa Italian ... )
Mark Tribble's 1949 Chevy 3800
"I like getting skinned knuckles and getting dirty and greasy and spending lots of money." ~~ Mark's in the right hobby :)
Nate Gildersleeve's 1970 Chevrolet Custom Camper

A man and his truck. Come meet "Trudy."
Tom and Christina McCreary's 1964 GMC Wideside

Great story -- "It is a wonderful noisy, bumpy, bouncy, jerky ride."
Mike Jordanger's 1947 Chevrolet 6100
For $50, Mike took her home from an auction -- it was "the buy of the day."
Greg Miller's 1960 Apache 10 Stepside
"It's grown on me so much, I feel I have to keep it." ~~ This is a nice-looking Apache - Editor
Chris Harmon's 1942 Chevy Suburban

Just purchased and is working on it little by little -- would appreciate some Stovebolter advice!
Rich Winter's 1947 Chevy Loadmaster

"Rich's Toys" has an old farm truck. "Just enjoying it as it is and driving it in a few parades."
Arthur Averitt's 1963 Chevy Long Bed Stepside - Update

"The outside is done. I'm now working on the interior."
Pat Wilson's 1956 Chevy 1-Ton NAPCO
"Dirtclod" checks in -- "This poor truck I have had in a million pieces all this time (19 years) and like a lion, I wouldn't give up on her as I knew her full potential of becoming reborn."
Scott Schie's 1961 Chevy LCF L-70

Scott's got himself an old fire department water truck and is making good progress
Jared Ebersole's 1955 1st Series Chevy 5-window

Jared's got a nice start on this -- gonna be a sweet 'Bolt
Steven Clark's 1967 Chevy 1/2-Ton

Traded in his Mustang for this Stovebolt!
Steve Bowman's 1937 Chevy 3/4-Ton
"I am a firm believer in 'don't mess with the way it came off the end of the line.'"
Bill Jesse's 1949 Chevy 1/2-Ton "Ol' Blu" Update

"Olblu49" got a digital camera and sends an update
Jason Baker's 1950 Chevrolet 3100
"Kiwidude" is a new member of the Stovebolt gang -- what a great ride in Christchurch, New Zealand
Kris Vierra's 1957 Chevy 1/2-Ton

"I want it to look stock outside but be modern underneath and ride well."
Jeff Keeling's 1939 Chevy 1/2-Ton JC

What does Santa drive? Jeff has a good truck that he plans to "make better" with some Stovebolter help!
Mike Grim's 1955 1st Series Chevy 1/2-Ton

Getting cold in Virginia for "OldYeller55" so he'll be doing more work in the spring
Chris Neilson's 1972 Chevy Short Bed

Chris sold his '67 Chevelle for this '72 which he plans to restore this year

The January Alternative Submission

Steve Peterson's 1940-50 ? Autocar U70 COE -- Steve started out "without a lot of history" but the Stovebolt gang jumped on this one
The Mail Bag

          "Thank's for the info. I'm always around. I throw in my 2 cents every once in a while. This site has been like a close friend the last few years. Keep up the good work.

~~ Rick Rickard
1946 Chevy ½-ton " Lucy"


          "My truck would not be on the road today without this site no matter what you call it. (Referring to the Stovebolt name.)

~~ Ron Steltz a/k/a "WE b OLD"
1954 3100 Chevy
I live in a world of my own and they know me there so I am happy.


This Month's Feature


Get some Stovebolt kicks on Route 66

       Bring your old ride and your old self (or your new ride and your young self) to a re-born 1926 Mobil Station on Route 66, west of Kingman, Arizona brought to you by Ned Leuchtner (one of our Stovebolters).

       Cool Springs, like the Mother Road that had given it life, refused to fade away. A new interest in Route 66 had begun. People were beginning to tire of the fast-paced generic Interstate and return to the old two-lanes to rediscover America.

       At first it was a grass-root movement begun by a few dedicated individuals. But soon, over time, this movement caught on and Route 66 became a worldwide phenomena. As in the old days, the fortunes of the Mother Road directly influenced the life and times of Cool Springs Camp - in this nothing had changed. In the great scheme of things, as Route 66 became the highway America couldn't forget, Cool Springs Camp would not be forgotten long.

       Cool Springs was poised for a rebirth...

       Come read the "rest of the story in our Features section.



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