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New Stuff -- July 2006

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

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Road Trip!
All Truck Nationals
   Stovebolt Reunion
A BIG thank you!
New Gallery Additions
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Happy Birthday

USA / Canada


John & Peggy's Stovebolt roadtrip North

           It's a long story, and John is working on the "Saga," but in the meantime... Our very own Mapleleaf finally found the AD of his dreams -- not far from the Stovebolt HQ. John and Peg were headed to the Maritimes to be with family anyway... Not a bad excuse for a ROAD TRIP!!! (Cue the banjo music...) So we loaded up the truck and we moved (it) to Waverley.... Nova Scotia, that is. Pine Trees. Fishing Boats.

           Along the way, after the briefest of invites in the Greasy Spoon (didn't think we'd call yer bluff, eh Larry???), we popped in on Larry Bear in Massachusetts (above left). Nice break ... but we had to beat feet in order to keep ahead of a really bad storm. That's Mapleleaf with John (above center) doing the traditional "Grip and Grin." No, it's NOT posed. Really! But before we got to Halifax, Mapleleaf's truck was properly welcomed to its new home in the Maritimes. That's Mallory on the pipes at the Nova Scotia Welcome Center. Mapleleaf seemed really pleased with his new project (below) -- We think he likes it -- which is good as it would have been a long drive back home with it... (And embarrassing to explain at the border.) The Studebaker on a stick was found in Washington County, Maine (Between Calais and Bangor).  We never miss a chance to photograph interesting tid bits (or the ubiquitous truck on a stick) for the site. How's that Stude for an It Ran When I Parked It photo contest entry?? Are YOU ALL looking around for this year's winners!!?? Hmmmm??? Better get on it -- only 5 months remain until IRWIPI '06!!

           After dropping off the truck, Mapes gave us a great short tour of Lunenburg and the Fisheries Museum. Then we headed over to Prince Edward Island, where John's family was for the week. We left just as Canada was celebrating her birthday and arrived home before the worst of the USA birthday traffic had hit (24.5 hour drive).

           We were home one week, then John was off to Farnborough, England for an air show (work-related. No old trucks, but it does pay the bills....). Back home the last week of July and trying to catch up on stuff. The heat has been oppressive everywhere. So ... we gave up on getting much of a July news issue done. (We've got GREAT stuff for August, tho -- am anxious to get that one up here!!) We didn't want to lose the July Gallery Additions. Otherwise, we would have skipped this month!


Midwest All Truck Nationals

           Make plans now to join us (your fellow Stovebolters!) at the Midwest All Truck Nats in Kansas City, MO, Sept 8-10. We're big believers in supporting your local truck clubs and here's a good one! Our very own KCMongo is bringing us this 7th annual installment of a great show that brings trucks from all over the MidWest and the country to support a great cause -- The United States Marine Corps Reserve's Toys for Tots. Visit The All Truck Nationals website for more info or to register online.

           More in the August news page ... including a separate forum so you can see who all is coming. Hope to see you there!


A HUGE thank you

           So, while we were sweltering and discombobulated a bit, the Stovebolt gang took up a collection to ease the pain of operating this site! What a bunch! They had their own regular melt-down support drive. We appreciate it more than you can know. And we wanted to share some of it with you:

"In my opinion, The Stovebolt Page is without a doubt, the best online resource available to both the backyard mechanic, and the serious GM truck enthusiast. For many of us, your web site is much more than just another data base for technical information. In fact, I am sure many of your readers (like myself) have experienced a rekindling of the passion that a lot of us have had for the old GM trucks. You are providing a great service to the restoration industry."-- John Lucas

"Thank you for all you do to help others. You are in inspiration to many and definitely 'my kind of people!'" -- Alvin "Achipmunk" Parris

"Thanks for all the fine fun moments.  The 'bolt really reminds me of the old 80s days on the internet when there was a real sense of community.  When I unload my basement stash onto Ebay I'll hit PayPal for a little bit more. Anyhow, it's another chance to say "Thanks" for one of the finest sites on the Web. I hope you realize just how much pleasure you are generating.
I work with a bunch of firefighters in the Seattle area, one of the Captains always ends a conversation with a handshake and the phrase, "Thank you for the work you do." I always get a kick out of it. Thank you for the work you do." -- Jim Bowman

"Eeks! it has already been over a year... okie, here are some bones for the old 'bolt. coolamundo.
The 'bolt rocks. I wanna make sure it sticks around. It is a purely selfish move on my part." -- Woogeroo

"Probably would never have been able to finish my truck, surely would not have met you guys, and would not have become a BW member if it weren't for all your hard work and The Stovebolt Page. Thank you!"
-- Bill Marlow

"Though I don't often post on the site, I was one of the first (#250) members and I visit it at least weekly (sometimes daily).  I've learned a tremendous amount from the good people there and I like the community--you're largely responsible for that.  Thanks for your tremendous job!" -- Jim May

"Thanks for all the work you do to make this site was it is today. I have had a great time chatting with the good folks on the SBP and have made many friends. Learned a lot and helped a lot (I think). Keep up the good work." -- Bob Gause

           As we were working on this page, the server pooped out on us for the day. Paul says it's time to consider a second server to handle the load. So, this was good timing but we have a ways to go. More on that later, too.


July Gallery Additions


Stovebolt Stats

Daily Statistics (Past Five Weeks)


What in the world do you all do on Saturday?

Hope you're working on you Bolt!!



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