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Emergency Brake Cable Replacement Pulley

Kip “Kip’s 41” Bonds


At a low cost!

      When rebuilding the parking brake system on my 1941 3/4-ton Chevy, I discovered that the emergency brake cable guide pulleys were completely rusted away and could not be repaired. I remembered that I had recently seen pulleys that looked about the same, and checked the type used on garage door spring cables.

      After a trip to a local “Big Box” home center, I had a set of new pulleys complete with shoulder bolts. The pulleys bolted right in and are working well. (See image -->)

      The pulleys are 3 inch garage door spring pulleys. Several of the major hardware and home center chains carry these -- produced by various manufacturers. Home Depot® carries pulleys manufactured by “National” (the one shown). Their part number is N280-552 V7633.

Kip "Kip's 41" Bonds


Emergency Brake Cable Pulleys
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      This Tech Tip is also available in pdf format, thanks to Randy Baumann!

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