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The Stovebolt Page New Stuff -- April 2007       

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

In this issue: Spring Meet & Greets! ~~ Poster Contest ~~ Stovebolt Support ~~ Vintage Truck Subscription Winner ~~ New Tech Tips ~~ Mail Bag -- April Gallery Additions (Kind of a "short month" since Stovebolt HQ was shut down for a while with some bad news sickies)


The BC Bolters (British Columbia, Canada) have already begun their series of Meet and Greets! Here's a line-up of their trucks. For more pictures, see their " album."

Spring has come to STOVEBOLT LAND!

    For us, that doesn't necessarily mean flowers, landscaping and grass. It means CRUISE-INS, SWAP MEETS, STOVEBOLT GATHERINGS! And being able to work like gangbusters on the old 'Bolt!

    We have a lot of activity planned for this season, so read through the Events section of the Forums to find out about all the goings on around Stovebolt Land this year. We have gatherings scheduled for East Coast, Mid-West, West Coast, Canada and other places -- check 'em out and plan on joining us!

    For other old truck/car hobby events, Hemmings Motor News web site has an excellent on-line calendar for events from here to there. With that calendar, you can search and sort by location and date. Even chose the venue: auction, swap meet, tours, cruise, cruise-ins, and many others. We are hoping to get something similar for Stovebolt ... but it may take a little while yet.

    George Moniz has been busy keeping our Events forum up-to-date with as many Stovebolter listings as he can find. If you find an event of interest, and want to meet other 'Bolters there, post it in our Events forum and see what kind of interest you can generate.

    One last pitch ... don't forget to take your camera with you. We hope to capture as many of these events and the great Stovebolters as we can and compile them into a music DVD!! Since the BC Bolters have already met a BUNCH of times, we have a volunteer already piecing their's together. This should be fun and great to look at when winter starts rolling back in at the end of the year.

    And since you've got your camera, as you are coming / going to some of these gigs, you never know when you'll run into a candidate for the It Ran When I Parked It contest.


2007 Poster Contest

    In March last year, we had a Poster contest (little late this year). We thought it would be something to pull us through the last dregs of winter. Plus, we noticed many of our Stovebolters had a LOT more talent in this area than we do. This art piece to the left is something John did back in 1999. We survived Y2K and we came across this file in a folder called "old stuff." Wanna see it BIG?

    The first round of that contest was a lot of fun and we got some great art-work there. This year, we have some serious GOALS for the "Poster contest." Steve "KC Mongo" has suggested that we have the Stovebolters design the t-shirt for the 2007 Kansas City Stovebolt Reunion. Plus, we've been talking about a Stovebolt flag and banners for the site.

    Start dreaming and sketching. We'll have more details soon.


Stovebolt Support

      We still can't say thanks enough to those of you who realize it takes some spare change to keep this site running. (I was going to say in top form ... but that would take paid staff!)

      Saving it all for those flag and banners!


Lori Ann (Lori66) Spencer and Don Rader

John Lucas made second donations and Don (down2sea) McLendon made a third!

Alvin (AChipmunk) Parris has his FOURTH -- he's just calling it his "rent" now!


New Tech Tips
      Stress -- it'll kill anything -- people as well as trucks. Dealing with it is easy -- for us, just slowing down, exercising, prioritizing and eating right can help. For our trucks, it's even easier! Don't let stress cracks get in your way -- here's Dr. Easywrench's ace internist, Ken Law, with a prescription for fixing stress cracks and tears.         Bending brake lines and making a new system for your truck can be fun and satisfying... Until you put pressure to it and it leaks because you couldn't get the ends flared correctly! End the despair! Here's Charlie "Cletis" Hardin to show you how to ... Flare with Flair!         It takes a leap of faith (and hopefully a good life insurance policy!) to trust your life to ancient, single system brakes! If you'd prefer not to live life that dangerously, it's not that hard to update your truck's single master cylinder to a safer dual set-up. Here's Mr. Easywrench's ace assistant, Charlie "Cletis" Hardin, to walk you through the ... Dual Master Cylinder Upgrade


Mail Bag Vintage Truck Subscription Winner

”Holy Crankshafts Batman”……While looking around the site for something called a Mail Bag, I discovered the News tab. I don’t think I’ve ever been there before.  Now it will be another two weeks before I can get back to that Tech Tip (Kip is writing one on the horn button). There is soooo much more to read here.

Kip Bonds
1941 Chevy Master 3/4-Ton
Bolter # 9342
Livonia, Michigan


You guys do an awesome job. I’ve never been involved with a site before. Incredible people all of you. You gotta be proud of this web site, I am! Thanks,

Rick Benson
1935 1.5-ton
1936 low cab 1.5-ton
Bolter # 11643

"One Big bolt is never enough."


      We have our first winner for the Vintage Truck Subscription for March.

      Congratulations to Norm Borger of Fredericksburg, Virginia.


April Gallery Additions
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