Jeff Davis'

1941 Chevrolet Canadian Military Pattern Cab

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05 January 2006
# 1352

From Jeff:


Jeff Davis
Bolter # 7033
Maple Ridge, British Columbia


         This is my 1941 Chevrolet 1500 wht C.M.P (Canadian Military Pattern) cab 12. The truck is powered by a 216 cu inch engine and is right-hand drive as per British requirements.

         The truck was produced during World War II from approximately 1939 until 1945 (and slightly later). It was used by all Commonwealth nations during the war and in civy use much later.

         I came by the vehicle in 1986 as a wreck and bought it. Later, I traded the truck for a snowmobile but much later (2003) I rescued it from my brother. I did a restoration and now attend Military shows and car club events. The truck is a good driver and has attended several Veterans Parades.

         The picture on the right here is when I first rescued it. Believe it or note, the second time, it was in worse shape.

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