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New Stuff -- August 2006

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

In this issue

All Truck Nationals -- Stovebolt Reunion
Military Vehicles, Past and Present
New Tech Tips

A Stovebolt drive
New Links
New Gallery Additions

We're going to Kansas City

Kansas City here we come!


Our Second Stovebolt Reunion
* * * * The All Truck Nationals * * * *

Stovebolters prepare to gather in Kansas City
September 8, 9 and 10 at Riverfront Park
Riverside, MO

      Hop in your truck (or whatever ride you choose) and come visit with your fellow Bolters. If your truck can't make it, a toy donation gets you in the show so come anyway. Help the Genuine Chevy GMC Truck Club of Kansas City make Christmas a little better for needy children with their support of the US Marine Corps' Toy for Tots program. Last year's event netted more than $10,000 in toys!

E H Young Riverfront Park, Kansas City, MO      Check out the show's website for details. It's loaded with info -- schedules, registration, flyers, classes, maps, hotel information, entertainment, history, contests (burnout, loud exhaust, high/low, model), forum, links and contact information. And then check out the Stovebolt Forums to see who's coming and where they're staying. Be sure to let folks know you are coming ... might be an encouragement for others to make the trek.

      KCMongo (our HiPo forum moderator) is the Direction of Operations for the show again this year. So, he's reserved some space for us to all gather. Over these last ten years, we've all seen threads about Bolters wanting to get together in person ... and it's happened in small doses (some mano-a-mano) and some a little bigger. Here's a good opportunity to connect a smiley face with that bizaro screen name!! And John and Peggy are planning to attend! Okay, so that's not as good a deal as you might think...

      Riverfront Park is large and newly designed (see the image at right) with permanent shelters, bar-b-que grills and tables, an amphitheater, play equipment for the children, and a great view of the Kansas City skyline. The large amount of space and the permanent shelters affords us Stovebolters our own space for an "event within the event." We'll update you on the details from our part here and in the forums. Time is short -- see you there!


Feature -- Military vehicles, past and present

          Here's is the Welcome (aren't you glad you came !! ) line-up for the Living History Day at Camp Withycombe in Clackamas, Oregon.  Rob "The Toonman" Butler was there and took it all in. "What a great show."

          The Military Vehicle Collectors Club of Oregon was well represented with many vehicles on display.  Tanks, Jeeps, Humvees, and many more interesting vehicles, including a WWII Japanese Tank and three German VW Kübelwagens. Many participants were dressed in period uniforms to match their rig, or camp set up. The periods covered from the Civil War up to present.  One highlight of the day was getting to see an M1 Abrams Tank fire its massive turbine engine then take off across the field at 50 mph! 

          Rob sent a nice pictorial of the event and we included the list of military Stovebolts from the site (at least as many as I could find when Googling the site! -- if you belong there, let me know!)

          As Rob said: " It was awesome!" These are impressive! Read on ....


New Tech Tips

      Irwin "Arnswine" Arnstein (1959 Chevy 1-Ton) gives a good blow-by-blow for installing a tachometer in his 1972 Stovebolt.

     Would you buy a seat that looks like this (or worse)?

     Well, if you think you can't get a rust stain like this out ... well think again ... and read Irwin's other Tech Tip.

Old On-line
Chevy Manuals


Indexed by Year

an on-going project by

Keith Hardy


Did you know Chevy will send you a Restoration Kit all about your particular make and model Stovebolt? Check out the details here!

      Mark Marmon's 1959 Chevy Apache 3200 came with plywood for the truck's bed. That just wasn't going to work for him. So, with the help of a professional carpenter friend, he re-did the bed in some sturdy oak.

      So, you've found that perfect, rust-free restoration candidate from the U.S. and you want to bring it home to Canada, or get it shipped to you. The good news -- it's not impossible or even difficult ... provided you do your homework. And Nova Scotia Stovebolter, Randy Jewers, has done your homework for you! Read all about it!


Growing pains -- A Stovebolt drive for a second server

From the Stovebolt Geek:  
Bolters bringing in some bucks !

     For the past five years, the Stovebolt site has run on a server with IDE hard drives. These are the same drives that most of you use in your desktop computers and laptops. While they're fine for that type of use, servers have 24/7 uptime and a great deal more use of the hard drives. For IDE drives to last as long as ours have is remarkable. (Some of you may recall that the drives crashed last summer and had to be replaced.)

     Our new server will have a faster processor and more memory, of course, -- but the single biggest improvement will be the hard drives. The hard drives will be 15,000 RPM SCSI drives.  This is like the difference between standard plug wires and premium silicone wires. Both will provide good service, but the silicone wires will last longer, stand much greater abuse and deliver more consistent spark to the plugs.

      On a personal note, the server will have one other new feature that yours truly will love - a DRAC card.  A DRAC card will allow me to access the server, over the internet, even when it's down. This means that, in most cases, I will no longer have to drive the 40 miles to Bedford, in rush hour traffic, if something happens to the server.

     The bottom line? The Stovebolt site should be faster and more dependable, and downtime, if it comes, should be brief -- minutes rather than hours.

~~ Paul Schmehl      

Sounds good, eh? 


     To say we are tickled about all this is an understatement.

    Oh, let me back up ... we weren't real tickled about it at first (we had big problems with the server last month and it was a bummer trying to get work done and a drag for those who were in the middle of trouble shooting work on their trucks). But ... the Stovebolt gang came to the rescue! We had a goal of $3100 to pay for the new set up.

     We started off August at $1700 and by August 15, we reached our goal, thanks to these folks who have contributed ... some TWICE!


    We can't thank you enough for helping make this giant leap forward for the site. We know it will be a huge benefit to everyone. And thanks to our special "cheering squad" in the forums who helped bring this to the attention of our Bolters. You guys could be professional funraisers!

------------------------------------- The 2006 FUN-raisers! -------------------------------------


         Here is a list of those special Bolters who deserve a thanks from all of us.

They've dipped into their pockets and, after sorting out a few nuts, bolts and dog hairs, have tossed some cash our way to help us pay for this major upgrade.

From this august group we exceeded the goal by $300. I'm sure it'll come in handy as Paul (The Geek) Schmehl takes us to the outter reaches of


Jerry Acheson
Sarah Arnold
Jeff (Rusty Rod) Backus
Deljeanne (DEJ) Barreda
Jay (Houston54) Barrington *
Larry (Larry Bear) Bearfield
John Bennett
Kip (Kip's 41) Bonds
Jim Bowman
"CL" in Sacramento
George (Wrenchbender Ret) Capito
Carolines Truck (Jim)
Debra "wasat again" Carr
Angel (FracFSM) Carrillo
John (gasandsspark) Cox
John (Bigbadswingdaddy) Christ
Tom (Tomy2tone01) Christensen
Joe (dad6timz) Croft
Ralph (bigbassman) Davis
Debbi Dobson
Michael Egan
Michael Ellison
Warner (Cvett) Ettenger
Doug Evans
Kelsey (Thruwurkin) Farrell
Michael (Old Gold) Flanders
Bob (Shipwright) Gause
Gary (Flash Gordon) Gordon
Steve (Steve G) Goldfarb
Jake Groby
Joe Hand
Charlie (Cletis) Hardin
John Helzer


* Creative donor - auctioned item(s) for the site


Hobert Hendrickson
Michael Hopkin
Sabrina (Mexico Sab) Iturbe
Mike "Dakota" Jordanger *
John (46 In Progress) Kornmann
Kip Lauritzen
Tim Lederman
Jim Lee
Jim Lewis
Jim Long
Todd Lorber
Clinton Lovell
John (J Lucas) Lucas
Leon Mack
Bill Marlow
Jeff Marshall
Ken (Skippy the Townie) Maurer
Jim May
Kim McDowell
Gregg (Limo 51) McKee
Joe McNeel
Charles (Chuck the Truck) Meyers
Stuart (atomarc) Miller
George Mills
Charles Minuti
Mongo's Garage
Brian Moore
Evan Moore
Dennis Morrison
Ricahrd Nance
Gary (fatweed) Nesser
Don (Mr. Giant) Nydam
Fred (Truckernix) Nixon


A LINK is a business donor -- Be sure to support those who support us!


Alvin (AChipmunk) Parris
Bob (Mozzie) Rankin
Dave (FLA54Chevy3100) Razey
Aimii (Tomcoe) Redemer
Sean Reilly
Mike Rocheleau
Joan Rogers
James Riley
Javier Ruiz
Robert Runty
Tom (235 Fat Fenders) Ryan
Neil (3 Girls' Dad) Sayer
Fred (Joker) Scott
Bill Schickling
Tim Sheridan
Laurel Simmons
Rich (RJ) Sisneors
Mark Smith
Steve (Steve Sr.) Soper
Jeff Stacy
Rick Stamper
Michael (49 geezer) Stark
Ron Steltz
John VanLandingham
Jason Vassas
Cliff (Cliff 59) Ward
Barry Weeks
Gary (halfpint33) Westervelt
Bradley Zigler
Weeks-End Machine
Joe (TooMany2count) Weimer
Alan White
Gary Zimmerman


Bold indicates two-time giver for this year


New Links

      Thanks to the Stovebolters who have sent this links in to add to the Lots O' Links page. We have more than 550 and I'm sure there are more to list. It's a lot easier for us when a Bolter sends in a link he / she is familiar with. We get bombarded by spam mails asking to link to various sites -- Most with nothing to do with restoring / restifying old trucks. But our Sir Links O Lot still checks 'em out just to be sure. So, thanks again for sending these along!



      Thanks to all you folks for helping us "New Guys" get started. It's been real fun and some set-backs, but what a great deal. Word to all new guys .... READ all the tips and posts on fixing these trucks and you will learn from other peoples mistakes. If I had only read up on the Door Posts, I would have saved myself much time, labor, and money.

Paul T. McGowen's
1954 Chevy 3600 Flatbed








       Apart from enjoying sharing my iron, this site is such a resource of information beyond trucks.  I can see it become one of the premiere classic vehicle sites on the net.  I know a lot about the classics I own and I wouldn't mind an email address for those wanting me to help them with theirs. 

Eric Pesci
"Old iron fanatic"
Bolter # 10147
Terrebonne, Oregon (formerly of Bellaire, Texas)

         Eric's got quite a few trucks in the Gallery: 1957 Suburban Carryall, 1950 GMC 250 1-Ton 4 x 4 Flatbed Dually, 1958 Chevy NAPCO 3200 Fleetside, 1951 Chevy 5-window, 1957 Chevy Napco 3200, 1956 Chevy NAPCO 6400 Rescue Truck, a 1958 Chevrolet Napco Suburban Carryall. He's got a few things in the Alternative Gallery, too! ~~ Editor


August Gallery Additions

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