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1954 Chevy 5-window

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04 January 2006

From Dave:

         After my contacting and enjoying the "Stovebolt" website, thought that I'd update what has happened to the "TWUK." Mono Leaf springs are in place of the "multi leafed units." The truck rides more like a large passenger car. Very, very smooth!

         I got really tired of having the "Poor Ole Six" sounding like it was going to "Toss a Rod" at freeway speed, and opted to rip out the whole torque tube and rear end. The rear plate out of a 1955 trans, has the necessary oil seal, for the "OPEN" style drive shaft. Found a hardly used 1987 Pontiac Firebird rear end, with bigger brakes ( 2:87 to 1 ). Sounds a little "tall" but the six is has very good torque. Had to do all of the fabrication myself. It will "pull" smoothly from 35 mph in 4th gear !

         The '54 just visited Yellowstone this last June and will run at 90 mph all day long. I would recommend the drivetrain change to "most" people that are really going to drive the car. The '54 Chev truck was, at the time, more of a real work vehicle, than a source of transportation.

         You won't be interested in this ride, but, it is Chevy powered - and talk about FUN ???

Thank you,
Dave Grainger
Now living in Fruitland, Idaho [an error occurred while processing this directive]

26 April 2002           

         Idahowdy Guys! I live in Meridian Idaho, and have a 54' Chev 5-window. I would like to lower the whole car using Mono leaf springs (all four wheels).


Thank you,
Dave Grainger

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