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1928 GMC Model T-30

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17 January 2006
# 1369

From Martin:

          Hi. My Father and I are restoring this GMC 1928 Model T-30. It was the town of Sutton's first town-owned fire truck. At the time, my great Grandfather was the fire chief. He and my Grandfather and Uncles transformed the cab and chassis into a fire truck.

          The truck was housed at his farm until 1941 when it moved across town. It was in service until 1967 when it was sold at town auction to a person in town. 

          We purchased the truck in 1999 from his son in partial restoration. Unfortunately parts were missing. We have found parts to get it running and back together. We still need parts and info to finish her to complete restoration. The only numbers I have were stamped on the frame "T 30B2700." We are missing any serial number and original emblems. It has a Buick -- either model 40 or standard straight six engine with over head valves.  

          If anyone has info on her, please let me know.


Martin Shaw
Oxford, MA

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