Oh Lord, I just gotta find it ...

The Stovebolt Page has grown so much since we first started in 1995. We now have well over 85,000 pages of information on old trucks and the truck restoration hobby. And it's really packed in. So, the easiest way to find your answers is to do the Stovebolt Google.


Cruise through the site

Doing a Google search here will cover all the pages (including the forums) on Stovebolt. There is a lot of good, detailed information in our Tech Tips, the old News pages, Gallery entries, FAQ's, Links, even the Sagas and Features. Use the Search box below to search through the entire site.



Search the forum discussions

If you only want to search the discussion forums, the forums have a separate search.

Don "down2sea" McLendon prepared a great piece on how to do an effective search in the forums. You may want to check it out. It'll save you a lot of trouble when hunting for the speedometer needle in a haywhatstack. It's in pdf format, so you can print it out and keep it as a handy reference.


If all else fails, Ask!

There is no such thing as a dumb question here on Stovebolt. There are lots of "contact points" throughout the site. You can email a moderator from the forums. Feel free to contact someone who has a truck just like your's in the Gallery; their email addy is on their page. Send a private message to someone who has posted in the forums.

If you're still unsure, just post your inquiry in the forums. There are plenty of people to help you find your answers. That's why we call ourselves a "virtual garage" -- tap on a few virtual shoulders. Someone will know someone who knows. That's why we are here.


Happy Hunting!



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