Ed Miller's

1954 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton Pickup

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23 January 2006
# 1384

From Ed:

         Here is my 1954 Chevrolet 1/2-ton pickup. I am thought to be the fourth owner. The previous owner slapped a cheap paint job on it before he sold it to me. Doesn't look all that bad from a distance but rust is starting to pop through in several places. Other than minimal rust in the floors, corners and a few other places, it is a pretty solid truck with good suspension and steering.

         My original plans were to rod it up with a 350 but since it was so solid, I decided to stay with what I had.

         It did not have any seats in it when I got it so I added a couple of bucket seats that I got free in a bone yard. I will eventually get them recovered.

         I also had to replace the original engine due to a busted rod or main bearing which occurred on my fist 45 mile road trip. Made it there ok but she gave out on me on the way home and I just barely limped her in. She was banging good with no oil pressure. I think it was running on about three cylinders.

         I replaced the engine with a 235 from a '62 Chevy pickup. I had to change the front mount and water pump but other than that it slipped right in. I added the chrome wheels with 15 inch tires. I converted to 12 volts and split the manifold for duel exhausts.

         I have a lot more to do to it but it is driveable the way it is - at least on the days it starts! All I need now is time, money, patience and all the info I can get from this wonderful website!!


Ed Miller
Bolter # 3901
Whitesboro, Texas

         Gregg Bruff (who also did the cool engine drawing) came up with Ed's Yosemite Sam after a lot of work (thanks a bunch). We had hoped to make it available in the Hoo-ya Shoppe. We wrote to Warner Brothers asking for permission to use the photo but got no response. So, Ed took the image and made up a shirt for himself ... and one for HQ, which was pretty special. We'll have to get an update with him wearing it ... or at least in his profile! ~~ Editor

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