Eric Pesci's

1951 Chevy 5-window 3100

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10 February 2006
# 1414

From Eric:

         Hi! I am submitting another truck to the Gallery. It's a 1951 Chevy 5-window 3100. This was my first truck -- my first classic. This truck taught me a lot. You might say I cut my teeth on this truck.

         I bought her in 1989-ish in Pasadena, Texas where I had seen her on the way home from a Harley swap meet. I had always wanted a 5-window as they represented those golden years after WWII when everything seemed dandy (except for the threat of nuclear bombs). They represent a great time for the American farmer and a time when American manufacturing really cranked out solid iron. Heck ... I just like them!.

         I hate the color of this one though. Aside from the paint / wheels and side mirrors, this truck is bone stock -- 216, 3 speed.

         I blew the transmission on the way home from the lot where I bought her. So it was a few weeks before I got to test her out. There have been so many miles since then!

         This truck is the most dependable truck you will ever hear about. She starts no matter how many months she's been sitting. No matter how cold. No matter how fouled the plugs are. She starts. She hauls whatever I put in her bed - motorcycles, yards of soil, motors, lizards, tools,etc. She's been a great truck.

         She needs a little loving at this point as the Houston climate is hard on sheetmetal. A set of floor pans and cab corners will do her and a good sanding and some new paint -- maybe red which was her original. I was going to drop her body onto a 1980 k2500 so I can have a 3/4-ton 4 x 4 with the AD body but I bought the 1950 GMC 1-ton 4 x 4 instead. So now I can keep her stock. I would like a tad more lift though.

         Well, after almost 20 years, I could write for hours. We call her "Ole Blue" but I aint keeping that sissy baby blue color so we'll have to change that.

         She's a great truck.


Eric Pesci
"Old iron fanatic"
Bolter # 10147
Terrebonne,Oregon (formerly of Bellaire, Texas)

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