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1964 Chevrolet C-60 2-Ton Dump Truck

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Robert Burgoyne
Bolter # 1834
Colorado Springs

04 May 2009 Update
# 1445

Burgie has a lot more cool information and pictures on his web site!

From Burgie :

         I needed to ask a favor. I have received literally dozens of requests for information on how to contact BSC Parts -- the source I used to purchase the rebuild kit for my hydrovac I did several years ago.  I thought they had gone out of business and I tried searching everywhere for them but could never find them.

         All of a sudden, a few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Shay Eskew. Shay was extremely helpful to me and he has asked that if anyone needs assistance or information that they call his Dad, Rick Eskew (404.659.8723 or 800.462.0062). 

         For all the people who contacted me asking about BSC parts .. now we have an answer for them! I am sure this will make a lot of ‘Bolters very happy as Reman Incorporated (formerly BSC Parts) provides valuable and hard to find rebuild kits for our old trucks!!!

         Lastly, as I mentioned some time ago … I was very proud to have my woodworking shop premiered in Wood Magazine’s special interest publication titled “America’s Best Home Workshops”.  I have included scans of the magazine article for your review. (We included the cover and a sample page ... you'll need to check out your library and read the article. Burgie provided excellent details ... as always! ~ Editor)

Thanks very much,


Burgie, thanks for sending this info. I will get the links updated in all the places I can find. And wow ... impressive ORGANIZED SHOP (do you do homes ? We keep trying to get the shops organized but it only lasts about 30 minutes. You've got some good tips in there.

And so sorry to hear about the passing of your Dad. There are no words that can comfort, I am sure. We sure get the benefit of "knowing" your Dad by the wonderful guy that you are. Them are some good genes. ~ Editors

12 November 2006 Update
# 1445

From Burgie:

         Howdee gang. Time for an update. First off, I’ve already blocked out the time for next years Kansas City trip. My C-60 won’t be done by then but I still plan on driving out, meeting as many folks as I can and enjoy some socializing. As you will undoubtedly find out I love to talk. My wife always says that I can walk into a room full of people, not know anyone and by the end of the evening (when she finally drags me off because I talk too much) know the majority. I don’t know about that … but I am the type of guy to start chatting with the person on the other side of the pump at the gas station … or the person behind me in the check-out line. I was disappointed that I couldn’t make it this year … but next year I’ll be there. I’ll book a hotel and stay a few days and make it a mini vacation.

         I have completed the restoration of several small components on the C60. While I had hoped to get the frame going this summer, that didn’t pan out. But, I did move some things along. The Chelsea PTO is completed, as are some smaller items.

         The restoration of the heater assembly for the C60 is completed and I actually managed to escape for a few hours to organize some photos and make a web site addition. A heater assembly is pretty easy but you know how everyone loves the pictures and the story that goes along with them. Plus, I did run into a couple of snags and wanted to share that information with others. Take a peek at the heater assembly restoration on my Chevy C60 web site.

         This truck will come in handy. Besides my regular job, I decided to start my own business. It’s called Creative Landscape Accents. I have many interests but my main passion has always been woodworking. Further, I love meeting and talking to people and enjoy being creative. When the C60 is done, I will most definitely be using it for both personal jobs as well as my new business (provided it flourishes and doesn’t flop ). True, I’ll be careful and won’t beat the snot out of it … but she’ll be put to work. After all, I’m not going to spend all that time restoring her just to look good in my driveway.

Robert Burgoyne

         You definitely need to look at Burgie's web site. Great information and lots of pictures! Besides the '64, Burgie also has a '66 Chevy C60 in there. Burgie's a long-time friend and Bolter. We sure hope he makes it to Kansas City. Much talking with be happening, no doubt! ~~ Editor

27 February 2006
# 1445

From Burgie:

         When I was growing up, one of the first vehicles I learned to drive was my father's 1963 Chevy C60 2-ton dump truck. The truck had a 292 CID L-6 engine, a Chevy 4-speed manual transmission and a Chevy 2-speed rear axle. Garwood made the dump body and Heil supplied the hydraulic system. Named the "Blue Mule" after its dark blue color (although the original factory color was Red) and significant pulling power, the truck was a hard worker and a lot of fun to drive. However, years of Massachusetts weather and salty road conditions rotted the body badly. With each passing year, the truck was used less and less. With very little use and a corroded body, Dad ended up selling "The Mule" shortly after he bought a brand new GMC 1-ton dump truck.

         Like so many others, one of my lifelong dreams was to restore an old Chevy truck. It's easy to see that most restoration enthusiasts choose either a 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton or 1-ton truck as their project vehicle. This is due to their inherent simplicity, abundance, availability of NOS or reproduction parts and street modification potential. However, for me the choice was simple when it came time to start looking for a restoration project. I wanted a medium duty truck. 

         Finding a medium duty truck in New England, especially one with restoration potential, would be a daunting endeavor to say the least. However, in July 2000, I changed employers and moved from New Hampshire to Colorado. My new home in the dry mid-West renewed my desire to find a truck so I started looking in local and web-based classified advertisements. I found several interesting potentials, but most were so far away that the round trip costs to get it home made it somewhat prohibitive. Then one day, about three miles from my home, I saw my ideal restoration candidate: a 1964 Chevy C60 2-ton dump truck. Talk about a nearly identical match to my ideal restoration vehicle!! The truck has a 327 CID V-8 (although, as I later found out, a much preferred 292 CID L-6 engine was original), a New Process 5-speed manual transmission and a Chevy 2-speed rear axle. It also has the desired Garwood dump body and Heil hydraulic system. After initial contact and subsequent negotiations with the seller, I bought the truck.

         My truck is down to a bare frame and two axles and my goal for this summer is the complete restoration (media blasting, paint, new parts, and re-assembly) of the frame, axles, brakes and wheels with new tires. I enjoy working on my web site, it is very relaxing. I have received some very nice mail from some of the visitors. It makes it all worth while when you receive some nice feedback about how well your site is laid out, or if it helped someone find some valuable information, etc.

         I’ve been so darn busy at work the past six months that I’ve only been able to lurk in the shadows on the Stovebolt site -- much to my dismay. I really cannot thank you enough for hosting such a terrific web site. I get so much enjoyment from visiting and communicating with folks on the site … and all the new forums and news updates are wonderful. I haven’t had but a few hours here and there to work on either my truck or web site, but with things slowing down at work (now I only need to do a 40-50 hour week) I will be making time for my hobby.



         You really need to take a look at Burgie's web site. Wow ... talk about some good information and lots of pictures! And if he's going to be working on it this summer, I'm sure he'll document every detail! Besides the '64, Burgie also has a '66 Chevy C60 in there. Burgie's been with us a long time and it'll be good to see him around much more (hopefully!) ~~ Editor


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