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Introduction ~~ Photo Submissions ~~ Prizes

November 9 -- First, a few word about Judging

     After years of coordinating the judging and helping Peggy bribe, coerce, blackmail or otherwise connive the rich and famous (at least in the old truck hobby) into judging our annual photo contest, we ran out of innovative trickery and friends we hadn’t used yet.

     So Peggy says, “Um, you just do it then.”

     “Okay,” sez I, not wishing to invoke the ire of She Who Must Be Obeyed. Judge it I must, then.

     Despite all that, it was a tremendous honor to judge the best IRWIPI ever, and it figures I’d have to be the one to pick from among the best and largest selection of IRWIPI submissions in the 6-year history of the contest!  It was hard, and I labored and sweated over it, but here they are…

     No, wait!  I have to explain my methodology…

     Based upon my years of IRWIPI Submission Research, pictures fall into about five basic categories, or genres if you will.  I have named them thusly: 

     The most well-represented genre was, perhaps, the least creative one (in my mind, anyway) and the most readily apparent name, was Cold Storage with 11 entries.  C’mon, guys!!!  Jeez, even I can go take a picture of my parts truck!  Not surprisingly, none of the submissions in this genre made the final cut.  And some of them looked better than my driver – try harder next year, boys!

     The next popular genre, Abandonment Aesthetica, received 10 entries.  Like the name says, this genre covers those trucks that were left to die (or were dragged dead) in a conveniently beautiful or scenic spot.  Easily recognized by an old truck reposing in dramatic or pleasing form next to a conveniently weathered farm building or old loading dock, it almost tied with Storage but I threw out one entry when I noticed something fishy … the truck looked like it was abandoned in the desert of Meridiani Planum.  “So what?” you ask.  That’s on Mars, Silly!!!  Only the editors at the World Weekly News are capable of transporting derelict AD trucks to Mars.  So Frode Skarstein gets special mention of his abysmal Photoshop skills but NO AWARD!!!  Nice try, though. 

     Third in entries was the genre Flora-Trucka with nine submissions.  This, of course, is the ever popular and, pardon the pun, ever-green, collection of derelicts with nature’s beauty growing in, on or through them.  A sub-genre is the well-known “A Tree Grows Through It” category of de rigueur trees-through-the-engine-compartment kitsch.  Delightful, if somewhat cliché at this point.

     Trailing a distant fourth with a scant five submissions was my personal favorite among the genres – “Farm Still Life.”  Farm trucks that died with their boots on, so to speak, populate this creative genre that is sadly disappearing from the American landscape at an alarming rate.  Richard Rosielle had an excellent example of this genre.

     Hot on the heels of Farm Art was “Elemental Reversion” with four submissions.  This genre generally depicts trucks that have the “Dust to dust, ashes to ashes” thing down cold and are well on their way to returning to the basic elements from which they sprang.  See Doug Ducor’s or Eric Radack’s submissions for excellent representatives of the archetype IRWIPI genre.

     Bringing up the rear was the always fun genre of “Truck on a Stick.”  The trucks of this genre are as subtly “art” as tossing an atom bomb at someone is “diplomacy.”  That being said, it’s little wonder we find MT submitting here with a demo derby fugitive hoisted aloft (in a worshipful way) by a derelict worthy in its own right of being an IRWIPI submission.  Nevertheless, this genre never fails to bring a smile to the face of even the most NOS-NAZI of us all.

     Parts is Parts”  -- This category (was added in 2006) draws its name from one of our submissions that year (a good title is a good title and I’m not too proud to “borrow” from others!) These are shots of parts trucks, project trucks and other vehicles conveniently located within the submitter’s shop or just outside the back door.  I must admit that I submitted in this category for IRWIPI ’99….

     Junk Yard Dogs” is the the category (also added in 2006) of last resort …  When all else fails, head to your local wrecking yard. 

     So, after laboring over the submissions and pondering the vicissitudes of IRWIPI-dom, I settled on these submissions as the quintessential embodiments of the Big Lie….

     Drum Roll please…  (Stunningly beautiful uberwench sashays out coyly with the envel…. SCHWAAAAAAAAAAACKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!

     “Sorry Dear,” Peggy says to me, “Did I accidentally hit you with that baseball bat???”

     Here they are…

     Receiving the HONORABLE MENTION, and ably representing both the Abandonment Aesthetica and Flora Trucka genres as a cross-over hit:


"Hey Guys!  I am ready to move into the garage now.  Hello?  Anybody there?"

Submitted by Jay "Houston54" Barrington



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American Classic Truck Parts


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Stovebolt Hoo-ya Mall

     In FOURTH PLACE, representing the Abandonment Aesthetica genre:


This gives a whole new meaning to 'out behind the woodshed'"


Submitted by Marty Carrillo



Two gallons of Evapo-Rust from
The Rust Store


T-shirt from
American Classic Truck Parts

     In THIRD PLACE, representing the Farm Still Life genre:


"It ran when Grandpa parked it behind the combine"


Submitted by Richard "Richard2005" R0sielle



50 Ounce Wix Coffee Mug


T-shirt from
American Classic Truck Parts

     Our RESERVE CHAMPION (which means "Second" to everyone else / Peg), representing the Flora Trucka genre:


"A rolling 'Bolt gathers no moss"


Submitted by Bill "Squeeze" LePage


Original Bowtie Truck ~~ Limited Edition Print by Rob "The Toonman" Butler at Sasquatch Artworks


T-shirt from
American Classic Truck Parts

     Our PEOPLES’ CHOICE, in the Flora Trucka genre (A Tree Grows Through It sub-genre), goes to the submitter who obviously has the most friends who owe him small favors:


"That's right, it's a Stovebolt six with a three on the tree"


Submitted by Paul "Inky05" Yacabitis


Shop Stool from Chevy Duty


T-shirt from
American Classic Truck Parts

     We would like to take a moment here to thank our Countess Joy Pasceralla, the Siren of the Swap Meet, for tallying up all these votes.

     And our GRAND CHAMPION of the 2005 Stovebolt Page It Ran When I Parked It Annual Photo Contest, representing the Elemental Reversion genre:


"Another one ate the dust"


Submitted by Eric "Beast54" Radack


$200 Gift Certificate from
American Classic Truck Parts


T-shirt from
American Classic Truck Parts


Here are the other wonderful submissions  

"Corn field car show."

Submitted by Paul (InkyJR) Yacabitis II
Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania

"Better photo is the ripped seat of my pants from jumping a fence to get this shot."

Submitted by Ray "ChevyAsylym" Buck
Taylorsville, Utah

"Peek-a-boo! ... I see you!!"

Submitted by Steve "MT53" Nelson
Billings, Montana

"Clean, little one-owner Suburban. Very restorable."

Submitted by Charlie "Cletis" Hardin
Weatherford, Texas

"This is my 1929 truck ... it ran when I parked it"

Submitted by Bobby Fields
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"In dry, clean storage for over 30 years with old-school white fleck paint job"

Submitted by Tim "tsheridan" Sheridan
Maumee, Ohio

"Farm living is the life for me."

Submitted by Randy "RT1" Taylor
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

"One too much money, two won't go, three's 'bout had it, ain't no mo'!"

Submitted by Duane "Methuselah" Wilhelm
Bradford, New York

"Sleeping Beauty"

Submitted by Tab Ballard
Cleburne, Texas

"Uncle's Truck"

Submitted by Tom "toms68cst" Hopkins
Bismarck, North Dakota

"A long winter's nap"

Submitted by Mike Vaughan
Round Rock, Texas

"That log-loader said he would come right back!"

Submitted by Bill "Locobreath" Slone
Lexington, Kentucky

"No, the cement mixer will cost ya extra!"

Submitted by Jim Karras
Orange, California

"KIDSSSSSSSS, the school bus driver has waited long enuff for you! ! ! ! !

Submitted by Joe "TooMany2count" Weimer
Cahokia, Illinois

"Shade Tree Catapult"

Submitted by Joe "M.T." Mendola
Tucson, Arizona

"I can tell it's just about spring. The ole Beast is starting to molt."

Submitted by Jim "53 Suburban" Sloate
Duvall, Washington

"It DID run, but the zombies got it. You know them ... Paaaaaarts"

Submitted by Brendan "brendanm720" Meteer
Lake Ann, Michigan

"1929 bolt towed cause of blown tire. Some weather damage since. Sell for one money."

Submitted by Justin "boundstaffpress" Miller
La Junta, Colorado

"Help -- get me out before the garage falls on me!"

Submitted by Fred Schultz
Staten Island, New York

"Look ma, no hands!"

Submitted by Sam "GMCPanel" Reed
Columbia, Missouri

"Whoaaaa .... I'm way in over my head."

Submitted by Terry Muirhead
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

"Rose Bowl parade here I come!"

Submitted by Tom "Beas" Beasley
Hudson, Ohio

"A little wax and you're good to go!"

Submitted by Mike "Mike B" Boteler
Hughesville, Maryland

A real ad in the newspaper: "50 cars and trucks most restorable"

Submitted by Steve "Hourhand" Bullard
Union City, California

"Buried alive."

Submitted by P. J. "PJ" Heiden
Tampe, Arizona

"I still have one good eye. Just give me some air and I'm ready to go."

Submitted by Paul Beresford
Sherrills Ford, North Carolina

"It ran when last parked - buyer must ship."

Submitted by Frode "Poogeroo" Skarstein
Northern Norway

"It ran when we 'barked' it."

Submitted by Neil "3Girlsdad" Sayre
Bend, Oregon

"Who is pulling who?"

Submitted by Fred "Joker" Scott
Mesquite, Texas

"Runs great - bring your weed eater and drive it home."

Submitted by Bob Gause
Denver, Colorado

"Could run great! (Some assembly may be required.)"

Submitted by Andrew "Apart Hillbilly" Hunter
Ranson, West Virginia

"1928 Chevy 1-ton with aerodynamic body style and built-in air conditioning. Drive anywhere!"

Submitted by Dean Meltz
San Leandro, California

"Backed in behind the shed and shut it off. How about that factory head board?"

Submitted by John Fortune
Quinn, South Dakota

"Waiting for the freight rates to improve."

Submitted by John "kb3csw" Henderson
Pocomoke City, Maryland

"I've carried this load to long."

Submitted by Kevin "Postal" Salyers
Christiansburg, Virginia

"Stuck in a creek in Longcreek, SC."

Submitted by Doug Ducor
Clayton, Georgia

"According to MapQuest, this is the place. I'll wait here, go see if anyone is home."

Submitted by Jim "Piewagn" Sgrignioli
Lansdale, Pennsylvania


Introduction ~~ Photo Submissions ~~ Prizes

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