Jeff Erickson's

1953 Chevrolet 3100

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27 February 2006
# 1448

From Jeff:

        I saw an add on the internet for a 1953 3100. I ran down to Olympia to take a look at her. She was in wonderful shape, garaged almost all her life and ran very little. The guy wanted $2800 for her. I asked if he was gonna be around all day. He said yeah, so I went to breakfast and then home.

        After about three days went by, he e-mailed to see if I was still interested. I said I was but that $2800 was way too much money -- it being only a 3 window, and if I wanted to upgrade the rear, tranny, or driveline, that I'd have to change out all three. I offered $2000 and that was if he towed it up here for me.

        About three more days go by and he e-mailed me back saying he accepted. I threw in another $100 because he ended up having to rent a trailer. After cleaning up some of the wiring and quite a bit of WD-40, she ran wonderfully! Granted, it took until almost 10 that night in the driveway --- Brrrr!

        It turns out it has the original 216, tranny, rearend and much more. The bed is the only major change. I rebuilt the wheel cylinders, upped the battery cables to 1 gauge, changed all fluids, new filters, got new tires (the guy at the tire store had never seen tires quite that old -- still with tubes intact!), new plugs, and a lot of cleaner to get the dead mouse smell out of the seat.

        Now she is road worthy! She starts and drives like a champ! These pics I got from my insurance agent when applying for my 'classic car' insurance. I don't have a digital camera, but think I have one great reason to get one now!


Jeff Erickson
Bolter # 10264
Kingston, Washington

        Jeff also has a 1947 GMC COE 3-Ton truck in the Gallery ~~ Editor

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