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1940 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton

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20 February 2006
# 1436

From Bob:

         My truck project is a 1940 1/2-ton. I had been watching this project as a guy in town assembled parts to build this truck. But the project stalled and he lost interest. Over the years, the garage it was in fell down and was hauled off, leaving the truck for the weather.

         I thought it had a GM front clip welded on and a late model rear end in place. The cab was laying beside the two wheel frame and small parts were all around the floor where the garage use to be. I stopped to look it over and noticed the bed was laying in the yard.

         I kept driving past wanting to try to buy it but the owner did not live in the house anymore. Then one summer night, I drove past and the frame had been moved out to the street. "Oh no! Someone bought it," I thought. But the owner was there and I asked if the truck was for sale and he said it was. I offered a trade and right away he said Okay and began loading parts in my truck. He said "You have to take it tonight -- the town is coming to haul it off tomorrow."

         So after three trips and pulling the frame on its two wheels, I got the truck home that night. The truck has a 1979 Trans Am front clip welded on with a 12 bolt rear end. The frame was also boxed in down most of its sides. The real surprise was when the owner went into the back part of the house and brought out a one piece front end and two rear fenders that are fiberglass!!

         I now have the frame painted and up on four wheels and am working on a 350 motor and a 700r4 transmission for the driveline.

         I hid the truck from my wife for a while behind our cabin as the picture shows. She did not find it until one of her friends looked out the back door during a club meeting and asked her what it was.

         The other picture is me and the frame in my garage.

         I enjoy The Stovebolt Page and I will update the project as I go along. I have a new web page so you can check my progress. I am pretty new at web construction so it is not much yet. I will work on it, too (when I am not in the garage).

God bless ,

Bob Smith
"Bob Wade"
Bolter # 9679
Southern Indiana

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