Sean O'Keeffe's

1972 GMC 1500 Custom 1/2-Ton

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14 February 2006
# 1427

From Sean:

         Hi. Here is my 1972 GMC 1500 Custom. It is, according to the previous owner, a "heavy" half-ton. I am fairly sure it has a 350 with the stock quadrajet. It is a four-speed with a granny first gear. I think it has been a California truck for most of its life.

         I bought it for trips to the lumberyard and I don't go that often. I've probably had it out past where my rural mailbox is located (a half-mile away) about eight times since I bought it about nine months ago. In that time, I have had it towed twice. The first time, it was about ten miles and $85 -- I hadn't figured that the electrical connections to the starter and starter solenoid and battery would have been so neglected. It all happened right before dark. I was at a gas station-- without any tools -- and the truck had no juice.

         The second time towing was only $65 and two miles. I had just rebuilt the carb and drove it to the gas station five miles away. It had been purring along -- and then it died. Under the hood, gas was pouring out both sides of the carb. I suspect the float valve got some dirt in it.

         I like driving it but the gas mileage isn't so good and I have a Geo Metro (40-45 mpg) and three motorcycles. My commuter bike gets 65 mpg at about 68 mph, so I don't drive the truck much.

         I am currently looking at the ignition system to figure out why the thing doesn't like starting since winter started. It isn't as scary as I had thought. I really don't think I will do any body work. I like the looks of it the way it is. Where I live (in the foothills of Northern California), I see a fair number of fine examples of Chevy (and a few GMC) trucks of the late '60s and early '70s. So if I prettied mine up, it would look like theirs. As it sits now, it has its own special look.


Sean O'Keeffe
Bolter # 7711
Grass Valley, California

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