Jeff Brown's

1954 Chevy 6400 Grain Truck

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10 February 2006
# 1412

From Jeff:

         Well, here is the next addition to the shop.  Bought this one from a guy in Colorado mainly just because I wanted to.  After finishing up my 1954 3100 3 window, I decided I needed another project.  It’s 1954 6400 Grain truck and was used up until a few years ago in Kansas to haul corn.

         I am going to get her road worthy and maybe a few cosmetics and just use it as a work truck.  When I got her, she wasn’t running but the guy said “it was running when I parked it” (no, not those words).  So a little oil in the cylinders for a few days, some fuel line, and a good battery and she runs great.  The two speed rear end works flawlessly and the dump bed only has one small leak when it is raised. 

         Hope you enjoy.

Jeff Brown
Bolter # 3456
Temple, Texas

         Jeff has another '54 in our Gallery -- a Chevy 1/2-Ton 3100 3-window that he finished up in 18 months (a great job, too!) ~~ Editor

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