Dick Hilmoe's

1950 Chevy Fleetline

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06 February 2006

From Dick:

         Hi, I would like to submit a picture of my `50 Chev Fleetline. It has 64k on it and has the original paint and interior. Naturally, I added dual exhaust as I did back in the '50s. What a sweet sound they make.

         I am starting to work on my `53 Chev five window short box which I recently dragged home.

         Our family has a family site in which we are all Viking Bow-Tie Cruisers. Hence the nicknames: Plugger ('50 Fleetline), White Lightning ('51 Deluxe), Stovebolt ('50 Pickup), Whitey (Black Sheep), Car 54 (Black Sheep), and a nephew 501 (Cobra with a Bow-Tie “White Sheep”). Of course, how we received our nick names is another story. Not all of them have Chevys, hence we call them Black Sheep.

         You have a terrific web site. I don`t know how you did it. It sure beats watching TV during the cold South Dakota winters.


Dick Hilmoe
Bolter # 9410
South Dakota

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