Neil Sayre's

1940 GMC 1/2-Ton Long Bed

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20 February 2006 Update

From Neil:

       Here's a vintage picture of what my goal is for my restoration. You could also add it to the "historical"
section of the Stovebolt website. I love this picture because it shows exactly what these trucks were made
for ... working! This is a 1940 Chevy 1/2-ton.      

       For an update on mine: since I bought my truck almost a year ago, it's been stripped down to the frame. The frame was sent out for sandblasting and powdercoating. I've completely rebuilt the 4 speed tranny and located a GMC 228 engine which has also been completely rebuilt, including new pistons, valve job, bearings, etc. I'm expecting the rear end back this month after getting new bearings and a good going over. Then I'll soon start hanging stuff back on the frame.

       The front fenders were pretty rough when I got the truck but I've had them worked over a bit and now they are relatively straight. Both rear fenders have been replaced. Right now, my cab is at a friend's place getting a good going over for broken welds, cleaning up of bad older welds and having general body repairs done as necessary.

       As soon as it warms up, I'll paint the engine and get the driveline and front end put in. The bed will follow shortly, needing mainly a front panel and tailgate. I'll probably be going with a new wood bed instead of a sheetmetal bed like the GMC's had. Looks nicer.

       Progress is being made, just not at the pace I'd like. Hopefully I'll be finished this summer, but I reserve the right to change the timeline!

       Have fun everyone!

Neil Sayre
"3 Girls' Dad"
Bolter # 5591
Bend, Oregon

       Neil has a great 1940 GMC 1/2-ton long bed in the Gallery, too. ~~ Editor

23 August 2005

From Neil

       Here are some pictures of my 1940 GMC 1/2-ton long bed.

       I had my eye on this baby for about a year and a half. It was parked about 300 yards off the road next to an old barn. After mulling over in my mind how a conversation might go with a shotgun-toting old farmer about his old truck, I decided one day that you only live once and that if I didn't do something about it, someone else was going to beat me to it. So I took my eight year old daughter with me (playing the sympathy card) and we drove up to the house. No one home!

       So we drove by and got a closer look at the truck. Not terribly bad and if the price was right, I might just have good deal on my hands. So we left and as we drove by on an errand a couple of hours later, we noticed a car in the driveway. So I gathered up my innards and drove up just as the owners of the farm were getting out of their car.

       Really nice folks! They invited us in since it was about 40 degrees outside and we talked about the truck. Turns out their son owned it and parked it there next to the barn back in 1970 after he lost a u-joint! There it sat for the past 35 years. They gave me his number and we made our deal. $550.00!!!! Well within my "truck budget".

       We were back that weekend and had it on the trailer in no time. I got it home to my driveway only about 1/2 mile away. I've wasted no time digging into it. Sometime along the way, someone swapped out the original 228 for a 216, which turned out to be no good. Fortune soon smiled upon me and I found a 228 in good shape about an hour and a half away.

       As of this writing, everything has been stripped off the frame, which has now been sandblasted and powdercoated. I've rebuilt the front end and I'm working on the rear end, both of which will soon be powdercoated as well.

       I've found two good rear fenders (thanks Barry Weeks for the right side!) so I'm feeling well on my way.

       The old 228 is at the machine shop getting a thorough going-through. I've got two trannys, one of which I believe is a 4 speed. Haven't gotten into it yet.

       My goal is to have the truck completed by July of '06. I've worked for a Caterpillar dealership for almost 20 years and our company has a history book that shows a picture of a 1940 Chevy that they used as service trucks back then. There's lettering on the doors and across the top of the windshield. I'm going to reproduce this service truck, albeit using a GMC and it will go on display in our showroom, where there are some other relics of our company's history.

       I'll drive it whenever the mood strikes.

       Thanks for putting my truck in the gallery.

Neil Sayre
"3 Girls' Dad"
Bolter #5591
Bend, Oregon

       Neil has a great 1934 Chevy 1/2-ton in the Gallery, too. ~~ Editor

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