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Michael "Jolly" Goodfellow's

1965 GMC 2500 1-Ton Dually

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10 February 2006
# 1408

From Jolly:

           Howdy Folks, here is a short story about my truck. For a longer story see Jolly's GMC Saga.

          This is not my first GMC of this era, but it is me main project at this time. It's a 1965 GMC 2500 1-ton Dually, with 305E V6 engine, SM-420 4-speed & H072 rear axle with a 4.57:1 ratio .. it's a S l o w  truck. This truck is pretty much stock but I have added the 1960 GMC hood and brush guard. It also runs great and almost everything works. I have started to repair some of the non-working items like the brakes. But then I changed plans and now I'm looking at installing 4-wheel disk brakes, with the rear axle switched out for a newer GM 14-bolt unit.

          This truck was found running around in Oregon, and "supposedly" was in use but I found rusted rear brake cylinders, which would lead one to believe that it had been parked for some time. I towed it home to Utah on a tow bar behind my 1994 GMC.

          Some upgrades I'm working on -- one is installing a 3-speed Spicer 5831-B auxiliary transmission to add not only an overdrive to my truck but also an underdrive. I was thinking of installing a New Process 540-GL 5-speed that came along with a GMC 401cid Magnum V6 engine, but the bellhousing is too big for the light trucks. So, I'll be sticking with the SM-420 4-speed. This will give me 12 forward speeds and three reverse.

          The flatbed will be removed and a dually pickup box built, along with a sleeper-type cab to be installed between the cab and bed. My truck has a long wheelbase, with a short bed. It has 42" for a sleeper cab that will be built from the back of two pickup cabs.

         I also have some other projects I'm working on. One is a GMC Twin-Six V12 engine that was used to pump water in Texas, see this page for more info on GMC Irrigation Engines.


Jolly Goodfellow
The 6066 GMC Guy
Bolter # 62
Honeyville, Utah

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