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1970 Chevrolet C-10

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06 February 2006
# 1406

From Weslee:

         Hello. Here are some pictures of my gold and white 1970 C10. It was a family-owned farm truck until I bought it in November 2005. It has an automatic transmission and a V8 350 engine. I have put a new transmission in it and have done some engine work. I plan to restore the whole thing, but am working on the mechanicals first.

          I know it isn't in pristine condition. It is all there and with very minor rust, mainly in the rocker panels under the doors and in the right rear cab corner is a dime-sized hole. During this period, these models were available with a two-tone paint scheme that was always the primary body color and white. This is the less common two-tone scheme, as the more common scheme was white paint between the upper and lower side moldings and white cab, and primary color everywhere else.

         The aluminum front grille has a dent in the area of the left parking light. The other problem area, around the hood latch, seems more deliberate, as a futile attempt for the grille to clear the release lever. I have tried to straighten it out a bit and solve the problem, but I am going to need another grille. Also notice the unoriginal Ford-esque mirrors. In addition to the stock mirrors, there are holes in the doors for at least one set of tripod style mirrors.

         My primary purpose for this truck is for use in the bridge hunts associated with photographing bridges for Oklahoma Bridges. The higher ground clearance will allow us better access to bridges on roads a car wouldn't be suitable for. With that in mind, it will be more important, for the moment, to concentrate efforts on only those parts that effect its driving dependability. Right now, that seems to be the front suspension, which needs rebuilt, and the rear axle ratio, which, at 3.73, is not suitable for highway cruising. I am planning to switch it to a 3.07 ratio, which will also give better economy in addition to better cruising.

         I've got more information about the truck (and pictures) on my website.

         Thank you for your website. I visited your Gallery a lot when I was still looking for a Bolt to buy. It was very helpful for me to decide what year I liked best.


Weslee Kinsler
Bolter # 9670

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