Adam Ratley's

1949 Chevy 6400 Dually with Hoist

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27 February 2006
# 1444

From Adam:

         I just bought this 1949 Chevy 6400 Dually with Hoist for only $450. I plan on using it as my work truck (after fixing it up of course). I want to hotrod it by putting either a Chevy 350 or an Olds Rocket 88 in it (sacrilege, I know), upgrading to disc brakes, power steering, digital gauges, electric windows, dual keg gas tanks, twin stacks, air horns and a killer metallic flake burnt orange to bright yellow fade paint job (orange on bottom to yellow on top).

         I also found a really nice all-leather electric bucket-style bench seat out of a Buick Park Avenue that will fit nicely in it with room to spare. Itíll have lots of fun details like headlight covers, teardrop spotlights, built in fog lights under the headlights, toolboxes along the sides (independent of the hoist), maybe even a tow truck light bar up top. If I can afford it, I may even do diamond plate on the flatbed.

         I know it sounds crazy to some of you to do this, but it will definitely be a truck no-one will likely forget. Here's a link to the website where I will have updated pictures as the project progresses.


Adam Ratley
Bolter # 10367
Higginsville, Missouri

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