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1959 Chevy Apache

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20 February 2006
# 1441

From Bob:

         Here are a couple pictures of our '59 Chevy Apache. That's my "shop" it's sitting in. No, I don't have a garage but the good news is we live in California.

         We became the owners of this beast when my Father-in-law moved to Oklahoma and did not wish to take the truck with him. It's been sitting idle way too long says my wife (6+ years) and although it runs now, we need to get her fixed up to a more functional and reliable level. I have not touched it in a few years, but my 14 year old son has recently shown an interest in helping me (I think he wants it). So that, along with a little prodding from you guys, may get me off my butt and working on it again.

         Our vision is for her is a mean monster stance. No modern plastic SUV is going to make our heavy metal '59 look small! As she sits here you can see the 31" tall tires I put on her along with a 4 inch lift. Looking down the side, you can see that the trim ridge now lines up cab to bed. That is because I gave here a two-inch bed lift as well. The big rugged mirrors are staying.

         Under the hood is a 327 small block Chevy which we'll keep. It runs now, but we do need to do something with the gearing so she can better handle the freeway speeds. It has a 3 speed manual transmission today, but I'm thinking an automatic would be good. The original rear end is no doubt geared lower than I want. This is all being done on a tight budget so I may have to watch for a pick-n-pull half-off sale day and then go salvage a matching tranny, drive shaft, and rear end. Another practical project I may do would be an update to front disc brakes.

Interior? Well I had cleaned the cobwebs and garbage out of the cab. Then I gave it an inside spray of flat black. I re-covered the bench seat in new vinyl and called that part done. I suppose I'll have to add a radio. But then again, could we actually hear it over the loud dual glass pack mufflers?

         Our goal is a daily driver not a show car. It will always look like (and be) a "work in progress." We'll get some flat black primer on it for that "bad boy" look. Will it ever get painted up pretty? I don't know as it would take a ton of prep work (deep scratches everywhere) and multiple coats of paint. Anything is possible, but for now I'll be happy with a no frills practical reliable truck we are not afraid to use, but others are afraid to be near.


Bob McGowan
"Budget Bob "
Bolter # 10263
Northern California

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