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1955 Chevy 3100

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14 February 2006
# 1429

From Mark:

         These are some pictures of my 1955 Chevy 3100. As you can see, it is in pretty good shape and it is nearly all original. I am the second owner.

         The original owner drove it on the family farm and to town a few times. I live about 30 miles outside of Charlotte and according to the original owner and his brother, the truck made two trips to Charlotte in its lifetime. I was doing some work for the original owner and his brother and saw the truck in his garage and inquired about it. I was told it was not for sale. A few months later, I was approached by the owner's brother and he told me I could buy the truck if I wanted to. I did not hesitate.

         We went to the local car dealer and the owner pulled out the original "A" title to the truck. I offered to file for a lost title and keep the original and he told me flat out that if I wanted to buy the truck, I had to sign the title, that title, and no other. Not wanting to miss out, I did. When I sent the title to Raleigh to get a new one, I included a self-addressed stamped envelope and a letter explaining the value of the title to me and asked for its return. I have not seen it since and that was in 1993. I have all of the papers that came to the original owner with the truck.

         All but the seat on the truck is original. Mice got into it and pretty much ruined it. The shocks are original. The spare under the bed is original. Same with all the paint, the floormat, etc.

         All I have done on the motor is to have a new radiator core and hoses put in, a new water pump, new plugs and plug wires, and a new rear main seal. Oh yea, I completely rebuilt the brake system. Everything else is original.

         I have a great time driving it now, after it has sat for 10 years. I got married, built a house, had two children, and now I have some time to get back to it. The kids love parades and rides around town.

         I would love some advice or suggestions on how much to restore it or clean it up. I can't afford a frame off job now, but how far should I go in cleaning off the "original" grease, oil, etc. from the frame, springs, etc.


Mark Rowles
Bolter # 9975
North Carolina

Science Teacher/Coach West Stanley High School -- "Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Choose your words, for they become actions. Understand your actions, for they become habits. Study your habits, for they become your character. Develop your character, for it becomes your destiny". -- Unknown.

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