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1954 Chevrolet 3100

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27 February 2006
# 1452

From John:

         This is a 1954 3100 (as far as I know!). The year is obvious -- the model is not. We haven't had the opportunity to decipher VIN codes. First weekend of August, 2005. That's when the NSRA Streerod Nationals are held in Louisville, Kentucky. If you ever get the chance to attend, I highly recommend it. It's gearhead cool taken to the extreme. August 6 also happens to be my birthday.

         Anyway, my daughter had been staying with me for a few weeks in the summer, and it was time to take her back to her Mom, who lives in Ohio. The original plan was to meet somewhere halfway -- probably Nashville or Memphis. My girlfriend's (Kelly) Mom told us that they were going to NSRA Streetrod Nationals and that Zane (her new husband) was showing his '33 Dodge. Zane and his family are also from Louisville (all gearheads as well). They were showing a 20s t-bucket and another car (don't remember what it was) as well. So arrangements were made.

         Zane apparently registered a fictitious car so we could all get entry for the weekend. Since they wouldn't even allow Kelly's '02 Kia onto the grounds (you have to drive '49 or older!), we met at a discount store. We left the Kia there and piled into the Dodge to drive to the fairgrounds. My daughter thought this was completely cool, despite the fact that the Dodge was primered, had sparse interior and was loud as heck. She must be my kid.

         So we did this for a couple days and had a good time. Her Mom came down from Ohio and we handed off the young 'un with lots of hugs and a few tears. It was all good.

         So, we're getting ready to drive back to Dallas, a good weekend had by all. Dreams of hotrods filled my head and I had lots of photos. My daughter even entered the coloring contest. Do they even give out prizes for that? The morning we left (Monday, I believe), we met Kelly's Mom and Zane at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We laughed, joked and stocked up on caffeine to make the long drive back. We discussed how we were taking a different route back at the suggestion of someone we met in the "food court" area at the show.

         Kelly's Mom gave us the 1954 Chevy that has been parked in their front yard for several years. Kelly's Father purchased it as a project truck and never got around to working on it. He eventually was diagnosed with cancer and passed away about two years ago. The truck is still sitting in that yard in Alabama. The Camaro he bought to pull the motor from for the truck is there, too. However, it's overgrown with kudzu. Nothing like topiary in the shape of an F-body!

         So it was a birthday gift, for one, and a reminder of a good man taken from us far too early. Anything we do to the truck will be in memory of Clay Neely, may he rest in peace. It is a tribute to him -- 100%. The plan is to make it a mild hotrod. We're thinking about a small-block 350 with an automatic, IFS, and some modern conveniences like power windows, stereo, etc.


John Olsakovsky
Bolter # 8789
Dallas, Texas

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