Michelle McKay's

1936 Chevy 1/2-Ton Streetrod

"Happy Bear"

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14 February 2006 Update

From Michelle:

         Hello from Alaska!  Just an update from the frozen northland.

         This summer was quite busy with racing and cruising … more of the later of course.  Just some more pictures to show that you don’t have to own some new sporty import to have a lot of fun on the track or the street for that matter. 

         I also found a picture of my Dad and me with Happy Bear before he passed away.  The other photo is Happy Bear and my friends ’41 Willys Pickup (a project he just finished this past summer).  We put on quite a show with two cool old trucks going down the quarter mile. 

         Also remember that these are street legal and daily drivers!  LOL 

         It's been great to see everyone’s projects coming along!  Thanks to everyone for their emails ... keep them coming.

Michelle Banta-McKay

March 2004 

From Michelle:

         Here's a picture of my 1936 Chevy pick affectionately named "Happy Bear" that my Dad and I built when I was in high school. Not something that the other girls in my class typically did or thought about doing. I have been driving the truck since I was 15 and racing it off and on since in my early 20's. I live in Alaska and my Father and I have driven the truck all over the state ... roads are limitly available. LOL 

         I also like to put a quarter mile at a time on the odometer and am consistently in the high 11 seconds in the quarter mile drag strip in our area. Happy Bear is a classic Hot Rod and was built to be driven and loved -- but most importantly not built to be a trailer queen. 

         My Father recently passed away (September 2003) and I have purchased "Happy Bear" from my Mother. I am now trying to find other owners to swap ideas and stories with.

Thank you,

Michelle Banta-McKay

         Michelle - Must be quite a thrill launching that old truck down the 1/4 mile! ~~ Curator

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