Mark and Amy Woodson's

1949 Plymouth Business Coupe

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10 February 2006

From Mark:

         This is my 1949 Plymouth Business Coupe which is a daily driver for my wife. It seats a MAX of three people! It started life as a investment flip for me as I bought it at about half its value. I planned to bring it home, put the car cover on it and sell it fast for some extra "shop fund" money. Well, my wife saw it -- and now its her's... grrr AAMOF, she wants to build her own '51 Surburban from the ground up!

         It's bone stock, low miles 218 / 3speed inliner. All factory but without a heater. Previous owner tried for years to find a heater but they were too expensive and he didn't know where to look. Well, $50, eBay and a few weeks and I had an original correct model heater in the car! I even had to "pop" the knockout plugs in the firewall to install.

         The PO had the car restored prior to my buying it. I was his "mechanic" and worked on all his cars. In fact, I had just finished doing a clutch replacement (you know, that three speed can be removed with one hand!!) so everything is tip-top. PO had a shop do the brakes and they didn't know anything about old Mopar and they warped the RR drum. A friendly guy about 200 miles from me heard my plight on email and volunteered one of his parts. Now the RR wheel doesn't wobble going down the road.

         I used my Dad's correct vintage wheel puller to pull the wheel. I took it to Hot August Nights a few times - over the Sierras with no problem. I blew a head gasket on another trip. So now its got a new head gasket, re-cored radiator and the radio STILL works great. Oh, and it had no sway bar so I robbed the factory sway bar off a '48 Chrysler Royal parts car my Dad has and that's my wife installing it -- bolted up (except had to drill one new bolt hole on each side).

         The car drives fast -- 75+ and straight and stops very well on stock drums.

         Other Mopar; '36 Plymouth Coupe, 2dr trunkback, 4dr trunkback, '48 4dr Royal, '55 Savoy, '55 4dr Imperial, '55 2 door Imperial, '49 Plymouth original bus Coupe. I had a ' 53 New Yorker but I sold it. I'm looking for a '36 Plymouth truck. Check them out on my webpage. I've got tons of Stovebolts, too -- about 50 non-running '47-55 GM trucks, panels, and Suburbans, '51 Chevy Suburban (original and running), '51 Chevy Panel (modified), ' 52 GMC truck (modified), ' 55.5 Chevy camper (was a 6 but modified with stock-looking v8). And on and on and on..

Mark and Amy Woodson
Bolter # 3xxx1
Chico, California

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