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1952 GMC Suburban

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06 February 2006
# 1401

From Rick:

         Hi all! Here are a couple of pics of my 1952 GMC Suburban. I found this truck setting in what appeared to be an abandoned little house / garage. I inquired to several of the neighbors as to the owner might be, but no one knew. Discouraged but undaunted, I kept checking back on the 'Burb for about a year till one day ... lo and behold, someone had been there cleaning up the old place! But to my disappointment, they were not around at the time I came by! I hung around for awhile but no one showed up.

         So I left and had some lunch and then went back. Well, there was a guy and his kids out cleaning up the area around the old garage. I walked over to him and struck up a conversation about the Burb. Seems the city had finally gotten on him about the area and he was forced to clean it all up or else.

         So we struck a deal and the Burb was to be mine. I went and retrieved a tow bar I had made for the truck and hauled her home. My family thought I was nuts when they saw it.

         That was back in July of 2000. Much has been done to it. I have more photos than we can post here but you can see them at my webshots. I would like to thank Mike for selling me the Burb. I love it! Mike now has two more of his own and a place to keep then from the City's watchful eye!

         One day the Burb will sport a 302 GMC six! Updated brakes to disk, non-power. It also has a T-5 tranny and a rear axle from a '69 Chevy pickup. The rest of it will remain as close to stock as possible. No a/c. It has all the seats too! Feel free to email me with any questions.

         I hope you enjoy my pics! Happy truckin' everyone!!


Rick Wagner
Bolter # 4568
Kansas City, Missouri

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