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1956 Chevy NAPCO 6400 Rescue Truck

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14 February 2006
# 1428

From Eric:

         My next truck is a 1956 Chev NAPCO 6400 Rescue Truck Some may recognize this truck as it was on eBay back in November until I persuaded the owners to sell her to me.

         We have an emergency response company but I wanted the truck simply because I wanted her. The amazing thing about this truck is that she has 1683 original miles - unbelievable. I've personally never seen a truck this clean unrestored. No rust anywhere. None!

         The story is that Amoco Oil has a refinery up in the Dakotas. They ordered this truck brand new as their on site emergency truck. Thing is, they never used it and she never spent a night outside. They kept it until last summer.

         So ... basically, she's brand new still! Runs / drives excellent. Everything works - Q beams / siren / etc. The storage compartments are awesome and wouldn't you know it - I'm a tool hound.

         She was a challenge to move here to Oregon given her size. I've only had her about two weeks and I need to add a panel to my shop bay door to fit her inside.

         I plan on using her somewhat daily but I want to keep her as nice as possible. The pics say it all.


Eric Pesci
"Old iron fanatic"
Bolter # 10147

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