Steve VandenBerg's

1958 GMC 1/2-Ton

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20 February 2006
# 1437

From Steve:

         I found an advertisement on the bulletin board at a local parts house for this GMC. The ad mentioned a motor and automatic tranny for sale. When I went to take a look, the guy sold me the whole truck for $250. I didnít think I should complain about that. So he signed over the title and I gave him the cash.

         He had the hood and fender emblems in a storage unit and he was kind enough to give them to me, too. The back end was full of junk and when I cleaned it out, I found the original wing nut for the air cleaner. That made my day!

         The truck had been undercoated (I assume a dealer addition) and is in better shape than it looks. The stickers for the Hydramatic are still under the hood. This truck has the Pontiac 336 cubic inch engine. It was nice that all the deluxe trim was there with the big rear window.

         I just love finding other peoples projects like this. It looks like they worked on it one afternoon and gave up. They just didnít have the Old Stovebolt Stamina.


Steve VandenBerg
Bolter #6449
Sioux Falls, SD

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