Brent Day's

1949 Chevrolet 6400 Dump Truck

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27 February 2006
# 1447

From Brent:

          I just (February 23, 2006) purchased this Chevy 6400. The metal is in real good shape. All the parts are there and original (except engine). I hope to have it running in the next month (I mean sitting in the garage with loud noise coming from muffler - LOL). It will be a little longer before I take off down the road. I will keep you all posted with updated photos as I progress.

          I'll need to get a raise in my allowance from my wife - LOL! She was standing in the doorway as our son and I came up the drive with the truck and she had that look in her eyes -- "Don't even unload that in my yard!" I have been showing her some of the trucks in here and she is coming around ... slowly.

          Hope you enjoy the pics. Let me know what you think and look for my questions in the Big Bolts Forum.

Happy Building Everyone!

Brent Day
Bolter # 10388
Vallonia, Indiana

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