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1967 Tucker 442-A Sno-Cat

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10 February 2006

From Andy:

         I'd like to share a few pictures for our Alternate Gallery page. Unfortunately, they're not of my '49 Chevy 3/4-ton (yet) ... it's still a work in progress. Instead, here are a few shots of my 1967 Tucker 442-A Sno-Cat.

         This Sno-Cat was purchased brand new in 1967 by a local ski area. I started working at the ski area while I was in high school back in 1997. I immediately fell in love with all (they had more than one) the old Sno-Cats and snow equipment. I've since graduated from high school and college, but still work at the ski area on just a part time basis (mostly for the entertainment value of it!).

         As years passed and newer equipment arrived, the ski area stopped using the "Old Tucker" as it was known. So it went up for sale. I just couldn't let it get away. So on January 21, 2004, I trailered my Sno-Cat home.

         The machine was used for work for many years but it was never abused and it had always been garaged. The day it came home, it had only 5476 original miles on it.

         I have no plans to restore it since it just doesn't need it. It's still in service, hauling around a sap tank during maple syrup season. It's powered by a 265 cubic inch Chrysler Industrial 6 cylinder flathead and has an NP435 4 speed transmission. It has a transfer case that is always in 4 wheel (track) drive low range. Its 6'4" wide, 7'10" tall and nearly 16' long, but weighs only 4300 lbs. This, combined with the massive surface area of the pontoons, is what allows it to be able to float on top of snow. It has a top speed of about 15 mph, but I usually cruise it around at about 6 -- it's much more comfortable!


Andy Deegan
Bolter # 5322
Western NY

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