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1949 Chevrolet 1-Ton

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20 February 2006
# 1440

From Frank:

          I'm with the Bonnevillains in Salt Lake City, Utah. (We have a 1929 1-ton pictured in the Stovebolt gallery.) I purchased this 1949 Chevrolet 1-ton last fall out of central Kansas and had it shipped to Utah. I am officially the second owner.

          It was purchased brand new in '49 by a gentleman who used it to haul grain. He passed away and the truck remained on the farm until recently when his widow and son decided to sell it.

          The truck has a grain blower below the bed on the driver's side. There is a shoot that opens and the grain slides down into a hopper that has a spinning wheel running off the PTO and then it blows up and out a tube (which I removed) that looks like a chimney. I might be willing to sell this blower if someone really wanted it. It is pretty cool and fits the heritage of the truck but I will probably never use it.

          The engine is 1955 235 that was installed in the early '60s and seems to run strong. The truck still has the original tranny. It had a new coat of tractor paint applied a few years back. Since I've had it, I put on all brand new brakes and re-wired the entire truck including new lights on the bed. I don't plan to do much more unless it's work required to keep it a solid running truck.

          I am originally from Kansas so this truck must fulfill some subconscious need to stay connected to those roots. That's my excuse but all my friends seem to think I'm crazy.



Fletcher Booth
Bolter # 8996
Salt Lake City, Utah

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