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1930 Chevy Roadster Pickup

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December 2010

I no longer own the Chevy Roadster. Over a year ago I traded that old truck and my 1935 Chevy Canopy Express for some cash and a 1938 all steel Dodge cab mounted on a 1980 Chevy dually chassis, all Chevy running gear and a custom aluminum diamond flatbed with oakrails. You could say it's an "Under cover Chevy. - Bud

18 June 2007
# 1975

From Bud :

           Greetings from Virginia. Back in November of 2006, I saw an advertisement for a 1930 Chevy Roadster Pick-up truck for sale in the Northeast Chevy / GMC Club newsletter (Stovebolt-Thriftmaster). After several phone calls to the owner of this truck, we were unable to agree on a price at this time. I called a friend in the Club, (Bryant Stewart) and asked him about the truck. He just happened to have some photos that he had taken at a truck meet at Wendall in August of 1999. Bryant sent me these photos along with a copy of Pickups 'n Panels in Print (Volume 11 Number 7 January 2000) with a article and photos of the truck.

           At the time the truck was owned by Ray Allis, a Club member from Massachusetts. I learned that Ray had died about a year later and the truck was put in the basement garage, water and gas drained.

           Last month, May 2007, between talking with Mrs. Allis and Bryant, we agreed upon a price. In late May I hooked up my trailer and headed to Connecticut to meet two old friends, Don Giglio and John Botelho. Early the next morning, we drove to Northern Massachusetts, meeting up with Bryant. Then we went on to see my new truck.

           Well, it did not look as great as it did in the photos since it had over six years of dust on it and was decorated with spider webs, four flat tires with dry rot cracks. On the bright side, it was all there and Mrs. Allis reminded me it was 77 years old!!

           We found a old air pump (elect) and got lucky. All four tires took and held air. Moving some things out of the way, we then started pushing -- out of the garage, down across the yard, to the street and my trailer.

           The truck has wood spoke rims on it and had a full set of factory steel rims, too. Before leaving, Mrs. Allis asked if I would send her a photo of the truck when it was all fixed and cleaned up. I assured her I would.

           The trip home was not too bad, except one of my friends had a "Magelen" guidance system. So for a while we were given the scenic tour of Massachusetts. After an hour had passed and we still didn't know where we were, (I hate to say this) I stopped and asked for directions. After that, the rest of the trip to Connecticut was quick and easy.

           After meeting some other friends in Connecticut, Bill & Fran (they had to see truck), I headed home to Virginia. Once home, I had to wash the truck. It looks so much better already.

           At this time the truck is not running yet. After fixing the starter, it turns over. Next I have to rebuild the fuel pump -- still no spark -- I'm working on this at the time.

           After having my new truck home for a few days, my wife Kris asked me what it cost. Then she started, let's see -- four new trailer tires, gas, food, truck needs new tires and parts ... How much did it cost??!!!! Since we have been married over 42 years, we were able to laugh about this.

           I really enjoy your site and have told many friends about it. There is a great reference of photos. When you have a truck missing parts and wondering what it should look like, it's a great resource. Plus, it's the right place for getting questions answered and finding parts. Thanks for keeping this site up and running.

Bud Perry
"buds 35 ce"
Bolter #9409
Lynchburg, Virginia

           Well, if you like this one, you'll also like Bud's 1935 Chevy Canopy Express (hence his Stovebolt name)! ~~ Editor

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