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Lisa Clement's

1951 Chevy 2-Ton

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08 June 2007
# 1966

From Lisa :

         Here are some pics of my latest acquisition. It's a 1951 Chevy 2-ton. I am really not sure what I am going to do with it but I saved it from the scrap dealer which is always a good thing.

         This truck has good glass, and not a whole lot of rust. It is not running at the present time, but I haven't really taken a good look under the hood yet. I can say that it has no brakes, as it tried to take out the FORD that was used to drag it home.

         I have looked at this truck nearly everyday since the day we moved to Millwood. I drove by it evey time I went to work and then again when I came home. It is so strange to drive by Ernie's and not see it parked in front of his old shop. Then I get home or wake up in the morning and look out the window, and there it is ... parked just on the other side of my garden.

         This one is apparently solely mine, as Mike has referred to it with "What are you going to do with your truck?" Lisa Clement

Lisa Clement
Bolter #3548
Millwood, Manitoba

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