Collin Pacholek's

1965 Chevy C-10 LWB Fleetside

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04 June 2007
# 1963

From Collin :

           Here are two pictures of my 1965 Chevy C-10 LWB Fleetside. Maybe she's a little too far gone, but how do you say no to a great-styled truck like this? I got her from a co-workers Grandfather's farm in Bow Island, Alberta, Canada, on May 23,2007. He told me that if I took it, I could have it FREE! Plus my wife wanted me to get it! Cool huh? Some missing parts and and a little rusty, but I can already see us driving around town in her. I can't wait to get started!

           I am going to restore this truck, no matter how long it takes! Some of the engine parts are gone, like the starter, alternator, and oil filler cap. But it was driven to where it sat before I got it. (Ahhh .. IRWIPI!! ~~ Editor) Maybe a nice small block 350 with a 5-spd tranny combo, blue paint with a white roof and some nice chrome rims would catch some looks. Definately needs body work. I did take autobody repair in high school. We'll see what I remember!

           These are some early ideas, and I now have a great resource with Stovebolt's people and pictures. It'll be fun.

           I had a 1953 Pontiac 4-door that I gave to a friend of mine about four years ago (what goes around, comes around!), but this is my first old truck. I am more of a truck enthusiast than car guy. I also have a 1981 GMC Sierra Grande that I have owned since Grade 11. I have done some work to her and hope to be buried in her when I die! This is only fitting since my wife and I have the truck in our wedding pictures.

           This 1965 has got some real classy lines to her. Every day since I got her, the urge to drive is growing! Even better, my wife is getting more interested as well. Says she can't wait to take it to town while I'm at work. Better hide those keys (just kidding!)!

Collin Pacholek
Bolter # 14919
Medicine Hat, Alberta

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