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There are many aspects to keeping the Stovebolt web site humming along -- from keeping the server functional 24/7 (a HUGE thanks to Paul "The Stovebolt Geek" Schmehl working away down there in Texas!), riding herd over the forums, creating and updating Gallery pages and Tech Tips, a whole host of jobs and efforts. We are so grateful to have dedicated volunteers all over the place making these things happen. Not the least of our helpers are the Bolters who continuously help one another out in the forums -- they are the strength of the site. They are the heart core -- people willing to put a little something back into this site by sharing their knowledge through virtual hands-on assistance. Over the past several years, these lovers of old trucks have come face-to-face on a regular basis, extending the same generosity and helpfulness that began right here. The Side Lots have been helpful for making that happen. But we found out that these Bolters are naturally drawn to one another -- all over, field and mountain, distant shores, too! It's a natural bond that brings these old truck people together.

Then there's a very special group who needs a big thanks from all of us. They've dipped into their pockets and, after sorting out a few nuts, bolts and dog hairs, have tossed some cash our way to help us pay for the things we need to keep this site growing and up-to-date.

All of our staff (including John and Peggy) are volunteers -- All contributions go directly to the operation, maintenance and upgrade of, the net's oldest and most complete site on old GM trucks!

In an effort to be more efficient, we have listed current donations (2021) in the News and Announcements in the Forums.

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