Mike Rocheleau's

1953 Chevy 3100 Shortbed

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13 June 2007
# 1970

From Mike :

           I joined The Stovebolt Page in June 2006, and I am finally sending in pictures of one of my trucks!

           It started with a 1965 Chevy C-30 Panel Truck (that’s where my handle came from) to be used for hauling Boy Scout camping gear. That gave me the itch to have something of my own to drive. This led to a friend of mine spotting a nice 1963 Chevy C-20 Longbed Fleetside in California. We got it home and my wife said "I thought you were going to get one of those “nice looking” old trucks with the fat fenders?" Here comes the 1953!

           A friend of mine and I are now partners on the 1953 and the 1963. It keeps us both out of trouble with our wives -- we can each blame it on the other guy.

           This 1953 Chevy 3100 Shortbed with the side mount spare came from Texas via Arkansas. A fellow got it from his Father’s barn and restoration was started with a re-done motor, a 235 from a 1954 truck, and some brake work. Then he decided to sell. We negotiated a price. Soon, north it came to Connecticut.

           It is really hard to find something up here in the wet and salty northeast that is not a total rust bucket. Overall, it was not a “bad” starting point. The only real rust was on the bed sides where the angles were welded. The cab corners are solid. But man was there a lot of little dents!

           The truck came with some things I think are cool: a high note horn in an original box with the installation instructions; a radio, and the hole for the antenna in the cowl; and my favorite, a vintage vacuum windshield washer set-up complete with the nozzles still mounted on the cowl; and a Fulton visor in real nice shape.

           I ordered new pine bed wood, bed strips and hardware from MAR-K, and intend to paint / stain it black. The only piece of steel that is not original is the front bed panel. This came from MAR-K and is very nice quality.

           I have been hunting parts for six months and the body work has now been underway for 2 ˝ months. Here is a photo of the engine compartment, a rebuilt 235 from a 1954. I got my hands on a splash apron, running board and tailgate. So far, so good.

           These trucks really do have personality and the Stovebolt Topper from the auction is going to look great on the front of this truck!

           I appreciate all the hard work that goes into running this site. It is a great place to hang out. Thanks for all the help so far and I know I have a ton more questions to ask and maybe someday I can even answer a few.

Mike Rocheleau
Bolter # 11504

           Tim Sheridan offered to auction off one of his Stovebolt Toppers in support of the site. Mike was the winning bid! So, we urged him to get his truck in here so when we announce the winner in the June News page, he can also get another chance to show off his truck, and a chance for us to continue to urge him on! Congrats MIke and thanks for the submission and check! ~~ Editor

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