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1954 3100 Chevy Truck

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Leonardtown, Maryland


  Owned by Ron Steltz
"WE b OLD"
Bolter # 823
Marion, Indiana
16 May 2011 Update
# 1102

From Ron :

I started having problems with my 1954 Chevy truck in 2006. There was something wrong with the power steering.  I talked to several folks on Stovebolt and decided to put it in the shop. 

Well, since it was in the shop, we started going after some of the others issues.  We even pulled the engine and worked on it. We worked on the floor problems.  The truck stayed in the shop for two years!

I got it back in June 2008.  The truck was still over-heating so I had to take care of that.

The truck has 2001 Buick LeSabre seats and cruise control.  It has an original-looking radio from Mongo's Garage.  I didn't want an antenna on the outside so all of that is under the seats.  It doesn't hold a signal very well, but good enough.  It has a custom tailgate.  I also added artillery wheels.

First big trip was to Kansas City for the Stovebolt Reunion in 2009.  That cruise control really come in handy! I was able to bring Jordon "JDL" Long with me.  (That was a great treat for all of us at the show!  JDL is one of our younger Stovebolters. ~ Editor)

I returned in 2010 to Kansas City.  In 2011, I made my first trip to the Stovebolt Homecoming in Southern Maryland (the picture above is from that GABFest).  It was a two day trip and there were no problems with the truck.

I get about 23 miles per gallon so that was good news - with exception of going through the mountains.

15 June 2007 Update
# 1102

From Ron :

     Here's an update for my 1954 3100 Chevy Truck. As I mention in my first entry below, I purchased the truck in July 1983 after a three year search. Previously, I had found a 1955 1st Series for only $75 but my wife said she didn't want that junk in the yard. It ran good but was a little rough. (You could see the ground thru the door bottom.)

    I told her I would still look for one in better shape. I happened to look in the paper and found this one and went and bought it on my lunch hour. It was in relatively good mechanical condition and the body was in good shape because it came from Southern Indiana where they use little road salt.

    This truck almost caused a divorce because I had it delivered and she accused me of trying to it sneak home.

    I have upgraded the front suspension, put in Pacer IFS dual carburetors with an Offenhauser intake and Fenton headers. It now has a Pacer rear end with 2.73 gears and a T-5 transmission. I also lowered the suspension with a kit from Fat Fendered Street Rods, used seats from a Buick LeSabre, put on new fenders, running boards, floor boards, rear mounted gas tank, roll pan and LED tail and bedroll lights. It has new wiring and an electric fan. I also had a machine shop overhaul the engine.

    I have since gotten a divorce and she has to pay me every month for the next ten years. Now the truck is getting done. I am just waiting on the body man and engine man for getting the rest all done. Check out my Webshots for more pictures!

Ron Steltz

    Ron had an update on the Forums that his truck is going to be delayed due to the body shop. Hopefully he can get it back soon!! ~ Gallery Gal

12 May 2005
(Happy Birthday, Ron! ~~ Editor)

From Ron:

      This my 1954 Chevy 3100 that I purchased in July 1983. It has been a long road for this truck.

      The initial purchased almost caused a divorce and a divorce has allowed me to do more to the truck than I thought possible. Just started in earnest last year.


  • Pacer IFS
  • Nova rearend
  • Offenhauser dual carb setup
  • Fenton headers with dual exhaust
  • 12-volt system
  • Bed roll lights
  • Roll pan with LED lights between the tailgate and roll pan with turn signal hookup
  • Hearst 3-speed shifter
  • Rear gas tank on order
  • Lowering springs front and rear
  • 15" tire and wheels
  • Power brakes under the floor

     It may always look like a beater but I don't care. Reverse snobbery! I know I could spend the money to do more but the safety part is most important.

      On the list for a daily driver: eclectic wipers, T-5 transmission.

      This site is the highlight of my day check it multiple times doing the day when I am not working. Thanks for all the work to you all.


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