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1951 GMC 3100 1/2-Ton

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01 June 2007
# 1958

Beginning an old truck restorationFrom Jeff :

           Here is a picture of my project. It is a 1951 GMC 3100 1/2-Ton. I found the truck at a local auto salvage yard where you pull it yourself. When I found it, it had a sold sign on it! They had been trying to part it out -- can you believe it ? I asked about it and they told me it was spoken for and that the guy just hadn't come back to pay and pick it up. This was in late October of 2005. They told me to come back in a week and if it was still there, I could have it! So about two weeks later, I went back and it was still there. I figured it was my destiny!

           We picked up a long box regular cab Chevy S-10 in the spring of 2006 for the frame swap and started hacken’ and wacken’. We moved at the end of May so I didn't start the actual swap until January 2007. I plan on buying an insurance "write-off" 1999 (or up) GMC, and swap over the engine (either a 5.3 or 4.8), tranny and wiring harness.

           Thanks to the Stovebolt, I've tracked down a hood from a fellow Stovebolter (Jamie) in Drayton Valley. I also got headlight buckets, glove box door, radiator and window trim, etc. from another ‘Bolter (Colin B) who only lives about four miles from me in Edmonton! I have some pics on my Webshots for anyone interested.

           This website is great! Thanks for all your hard work!

Jeff West
"J. W. "
Bolter # 14705
Edmonton, Alberta

           Sounds like you have made some good friends in here already! Great truck and we can’t wait to see the finished results. Keep those pictures coming in on the progress! ~~ - Gallery Gal

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