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Leonardtown, Maryland


1952 Chevrolet 3100


Owned by

Steve Stanton
The Kernel
Bolter # 14354
Alexandria, Minnesota

18 October 2007 Update
# 1905

From The Kernel :

           I now have my 1952 Chevy 3100 about 90% completed. Thanks to ALL the Bolters over the past nine months. I had many emails with comments, questions. I think they are the folks who kept me going on this project.

           I started in November 2006 when I purchased the 1952 Smiley truck from Bill Johnson in Rapid City, South Dakota. Old Smiley wasn't real happy there. So, with a lot of great helpers from the Vintage Car Club in Alexandria, Minnesota, we made a Happy Truck.

           She has the old barn wood in the box and side boards with eight coats of marine grade varnish. The windows are all new with smoke tint and hand cut by my friend PeeWee Sullivan. He did them all except for the curved windows. Those I had to get from the original truck and one more set I found in the parts yard. The " '52 and Chev Bow Tie " in the rear window was etched in glass by PeeWee as well.

           The seats are 60 / 40 split from an 1988 Oldsmobile. I have baby moons with beauty rings on the 14 inch red rims. A "Y" pipe was installed for my split exhaust and I may get a split manifold down the line and add that to her for a little rumble sound. The rear end gears are now 355 for cruising. I added the red ring around the cab to split up the white a little bit. I plan on taking the #5 Leaf spring out of the front for a better ride and maybe the rear also.

           I have had a great time working on my winter project. I was held up for about three months due to a body shop that didn't care about me or my project. A word of caution to you all is "get everything in writing." Time elements, price, exactly what you expect from your shop and what he expects from you. I found that out too late. My little project didn't mean a whole lot to the body shop and so be real careful who you choose to do any kind of work. Check around and be sure to check references!!

           For the most part, I need to thank Bob Baas for the mechanical work. Randy Simonson for the fast and fantastic body work. PeeWee Sullivan for the windows and ALL of the loose ends that a guy needs to do a project like this. These guys are the best workers and the VERY BEST OF FRIENDS.

           Rear shot -- Passenger side -- Driver's side

           Stovebolt has also been a great part of my winter project also. I could not have done it without you and your TECH TIPS. Thanks for the fast and friendly service you provide for all of us. You are the BEST!

           My wife has been great throughout my project also. She said in the beginning that I had enough projects to do. She was right and some of them I got done and some I didn't. The winter is creeping upon us up north again now and so I will be doing more indoor projects for her!

           More pictures are here, just click on Delivery Truck Progress. You can leave your comments and suggestions in our GUEST BOOK.

           Thanks everyone ... it's been a fun ride.

Take Care,

The Kernel

           That sweet truck looks better in white than gray primer. Lots of hard work there and it shows. It's great to have support of fellow gearheads from clubs as that's what it's all about. The 1896 barn wood is outstanding to say the least. I bet you're one of only a few that can boast about how old their wood in the box is! Congrats on setting your mind to it and getting your truck done. It doesn't seem to be that long ago that you sent us the first pics of your truck. Thanks for the great updates of late. Keep on truckin' ~~ Mike "burgandybolt" Allen, Stovebolt Welcome (Panel) Wagon


04 June 2007 Update
# 1905

From Steve :

           Here is an update on my 1952 Chevy 1/2-ton 5-window. The original windows that were in the truck had some small scratches on them, probably from scraping the frost off in the winter. So I found two really good replacements in a junk yard. Both windows came from two different trucks.

           The wood for the bed came from an 1896 barn that was torn down. The wood was then cut to fit in the box and I stained it with the Sikkens 3-coat process. I then applied five coats of Marine grade varnish on them with a light sanding between coats.

           The frame was painted with two coats of POR-15 and is almost like a powder coating. It seals up any rust and is very easy to use.

           New tires are being mounted as we speak and the rims have been sand blasted and painted bright red which will be finished off with beauty rings and baby moons.

           Thanks again for a great web site! Don't forget to check out our's!

Steve Stanton
The Kernel
Bolter # 14354
Alexandria, Minnesota

           Looks like you have made some great progress! That bed is going to look great with all that work you put into it! -- Gallery Gal

2 April 2007
# 1905

From Steve :

           Hey Guys/Gals! Here is my project, a 1952 Chevy 1/2-ton Pickup. It is a 5-window (VIN 5KPD8357). I bought it in Rapid City, South Dakota in November 2006. I have put in a new heater, alternator, lights, 12-volt battery, 12-volt wipers. I cleaned the gas tank and radiator out. I changed the tranny and rear axle lube. I got a carb kit, plugs, distributor cap, points and new plug wires. I adjusted valves and installed a horn. Then I put in a new master and brake cylinders.

           I'm now working on the dash and body parts for painting. The box wood is original and I'm not sure at this time what I will do with it. The running boards and other fenders and chrome grille are being cleaned. I'll get new windows soon and the windshield will be butted together with no center strip.

           My first car was a 1954 Chev four door and that was in 1966. I always liked the '50s style and wanted a winter project. My wife said I had enough projects. I got this truck for a reasonable price and have done a lot to it in four months in the upper Midwest winter. I'm not sure how many times I pushed this truck in and out of my tuck-under garage trying to get it running only to find out the distributor was in backwards and shot.

           I am a retired Locomotive Engineer. My son and I own B-Pop Kettle Korn and have a web site and do many events. This truck will be painted Red with Silver interior by June 1st of 2007. We will use it for advertising and an eye catcher. Many have asked to buy it already. It is driveable now.

           Thanks for the great web site.


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