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1937 Chevy 1/2-Ton Pickup Truck

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Trevor Jensen
Bolter # 13963
Surrey, British Columbia

November 2011 Info Update
# 1900

I just sold my '37 so I guess I can't call myself 37ChevyTruckGuy any more! I put in a forum "name change" to "TrevsOldChevs."

Hope the new guy will "sign in" and give us continue the history on this truck. Thanks - Editor  

09 June 2008 Info Update
# 1900

           Trev got himself another YELLOW truck ... this one's a 1936 Chevy 1/2-Ton. Good story. Good pictures. Good Stovebolt helpers. ~ Editor

28 March 2007
# 1900

From Trevor :

           This is my 1937 Chevrolet 1/2-ton pickup truck that I purchased off eBay in February 2007. I've wanted one of these great old trucks as long as I can remember. I finally decided to take the plunge. After all, what good is a mid-life crisis if you can't have a cool old truck to enjoy it in?

           I haven't had the "old car bug" bite me for years since my three 1968 Camaros, 1967 Buick Skylark, 1970 Plymouth Sport Satellite (am I allowed to mention the "P" word here or do I get chased out of town ) and my 1965 Chevy II. But this time it bit me hard and I HAD to finally get the truck I wanted.

Adventures in eBayland (some days you're the bug, some days you're the bumper)

           I watched eBay for months, bidding on some really nice trucks and finally found this one. I wrote the seller and was told the paint and body were good, that the truck was 80% restored. It needed minor work. So I made a bid. The auction ended and I found that reserve was not met ... no winner.

           I wrote the seller that night offering him $8,000 USD which was $200 more than his highest offer and he accepted my bid ... so far so good.

           I arranged to have the vehicle brought from San Diego to Vancouver by Searail and faced all kinds of delays at the seller's end. First, he needed time to build a crate to include "a load of spare parts" that came with the truck. Then I "had to wait for the bank draft to clear." On and on. It was delay, delay, delay ... my pickup date got pushed further and further back.

           Finally, it was time for my new truck to be picked up. It made it all the way to the border and suddenly, we had a snag. The seller had NOT included the original title which is required to get it into Canada. So another week delay with the truck sitting at the border in the ice and snow and rain while we waited for him to send the paperwork. Worse than that, a missed pickup fee and storage charges of $300 were added to my bill. NOT good.

           When the paperwork arrived, the truck came in and I was informed that it did NOT start. When the truck finally reached the bond warehouse, I raced down (now 35 days since I had bought it in the auction) and saw that the windshield and both driver and passenger side window were all cracked. The carpet inside the truck was soaked with water.

           Needless to say, I am in a "dispute" resolution with eBay and the seller. Big problem has been the amount of time that has lapsed since the close of the auction and my submitting a complaint. Maybe others who read this can learn something from it and not make the mistakes I made. If even one person doesn't have to go through all of the stress I have been through in getting the "dream car," at least something good came from my experience!

Back to the truck

           I DO love this great old machine and she does have her charms. She is a diamond in the rough and may need more polishing than I had anticipated. I'm going to make it work and get her in the shape she deserves to be in. Despite her problems, she is a very cool old truck and I feel she has great potential as a modified street rod.

The nuts and bolts

           The engine is an early 327 hooked to a turbo 350 automatic transmission. She has (according to the seller) a 1956-59 Chevy rear end, a new radiator and transmission cooler. The truck has a new wiring harness that came with it and new gauges which are not yet all hooked up.

           The truck came with new swivel bucket seats (not installed) still in bags, a pair of new chrome side mirrors, new custom Cragar wheels, "period correct" kerosene filled road flare cannisters (shown on the driver side of the truck). The fenders and all other body parts are steel, not fiberglass. The rear fenders are not stock and their origin is unknown. [ Front side view image ]

           The PO said it has all new brake lines, booster and master and proportion valve have been installed. It has a rebuilt carb, new lights and chrome rings, cherry bomb exhaust with new tips. Radiator, hoses, front tires, A/C electric fuel pump, new B&M pro slap shifter & linkage, new So Cal front disc brakes, and new front and rear bumpers have also been installed according to the vehicle description, but as yet none of this has been verified.

           Job one now is to get the wiring figured out and try to get the old girl started. After that, some spot body repair from a good shop if I can find one who offers a reasonable price. I'll need to replace the windshield and side windows. Also need to find a good tailgate that fits her. That should complete the truck and then into the shop to get her taken down to metal, primered properly and then repainted top to bottom.

           I've got more pictures on my Webshots Account.

           Help, advice, suggestions, parts, or offers of a free straitjacket for even considering such a project gratefully accepted. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it!

Trevor Jensen
Bolter # 13963

           For more information about getting a vehicle across the board into Canada, be sure to check out this Tech Tip by Randy Jewers and John Milliman ~~ Editor


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