Shaughnessey McArthur's

1940 Farmall H Tractor

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10 January 2007

From Shaughnessey :

         Here are some pictures of my 1940 Farmall H. I completely restored this tractor from the ground, up. It turned into a beautiful piece of equipment.

         This tractor was bought in Houlton, Maine from the tractor's second owner. The tractor is a Distillate / Kerosene but it was converted to gasoline because it is less of a strain on the engine.

         The tractor was in excellent condition for its age. It came with spare tires and tubes, spare belly pump, both a narrow and wide front end, and belt pulley. It was kept inside most of its life, but still was always a super tough work horse.

         To this day it is still a tough work horse which just goes to show you, Old Iron Never Dies!

Thank you very much,

Shaughnessey McArthur
"S McArthur"
Bolter # 14761
Augusta, Maine

         Shaughn has a 1948 Chevy 4400 1.5-Ton in the Gallery, that he's just begun restoration on. ~~ Editor

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