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1958 Chevy Apache Fleetside Custom Cab


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04 June 2007
# 1962

From Scott :

           Hi! My wife and I find your web site fascinating. I restore older Chevy Apache 3100's and am on my fifth. The first one I did was mine and I went all out on it -- sub framed, 400+ horse, etc. I was younger and full of ............. well, you get my drift. The other one's I restored belong to friends.

           This one here is for my wife. I was at a car show in Kentucky when I was approached by a man who had the same truck as mine (a 1958 Chevy Fleetside short box) and wanted it restored. I went to his house and gave him a price. Almost one year later, I got a call from him wanting to sell me the truck. He loved it and wouldn't sell it to just anyone and said that he knew I'd take care of it. Some dead presidents later, it was on my trailer.

           It started out life as a regular cab 1958. I had one before and now wanted a deluxe cab, big back window truck. A good friend of mine had a junk yard with a deluxe cab 1958 in it and sold me the ultimate parts truck. His name is Herman Thompson. He recently passed on.

           After a few die grinder wheels, numerous hours of labor and lots of beer, I transformed it into a deluxe cab with a uncut dash. I also replaced the original 235 with a 261.

           I have used the best of the best on this truck and hope to have It finished by June 07. The color combo on it is PPG Winter Mint and PPG Hunter Green. Here are the latest pictures I took with the door's, grille and bumper on. I have EVERYTHING painted now and must wait to buff it out. It still looks good but buffing will make it even better!

           We decided to name it Herman.

           We hope you enjoy this story and enjoy the truck. As they say on Muscle Car TV "Don't crush them - restore them." "Drive It Like You Stole It!"

Scott and Peggy Perry
Perry Brothers MoPaRs

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