Jim Kruize's

1963 Chevy C-10 Fleetside

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06 June 2007
# 1965

From Jim :

           Here are some pictures of my newly acquired 1963 Chevy C-10. I bought it from a guy a few miles from me when his Mom said he needed to get it out of the yard. It is a Fleetside that is near perfect. It has very straight body lines with only slight rust in the typical fender and door locations. The interior looks pretty good.

           It needs a motor and transmission, but I am hauling a Blazer for a guy in trade for a 350 motor and TH400 trans. Not that I needed another one!

           I still have my 1965 Longbed Fleetside about 2/3 the way done in the garage. Oh well, maybe this 1963 will take priority over the 1965 since it is closer to being road worthy and farm duty ready.

Jim Kruize
Bolter # 3303
Richmond, Virginia

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