Tim Grauer's

1951 Chevy 3100 Advance Design

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04 June 2007
# 1961

From Tim :

           I would like to submit a picture of my 1951 Chevy Advance Design, 3100 model pickup truck. I have tried to keep it stock as much as I can.

           I picked up the truck in the mid 1990's for $1500. It had a fabricated bed, and the barely running engine was shot. I picked up a 1950 model for $800 to use the bed parts. I also found a 1956 235 Inline 6 engine. I took everything I needed from the 1950 and gave the cab and chassis to a friend.

           A buddy who owns an auto-body place painted it for me after I had a set of front fenders shipped in from a guy in Texas. The color was decided when I removed the windshield and discovered the original color - Cape Maroon. Here's a shot from the rear.

           After reading about it on The Stovebolt Page, I picked up a late 1970's electronic distributor, did the modifications the article called for, and fired the engine right up.

           Here is a picture of the interior and one of the dash.

           As a kid, I have fond memories of riding with my uncle in his old AD truck and as a teen in my buddy's beat up old clunker. So when I decided to restore an old vehicle, an AD from the year I was born seemed fitting!

           It has taken me a lot longer then I had planned to get to this point, but I have enjoyed every minute. Sites like The Stovebolt Page, where everyone is so great in sharing info, has been a godsend. Anytime I get stuck, I reference Stovebolt and I am pointed in the right direction.

           Your site has been a great help in researching how-tos in the restoring of this truck.


Tim Grauer
"Tim G"
Bolter # 9348
East Moriches, New York

           Tim is one of Suffolk County, New York’s finest (a Police Lieutenant with the County Police). He said he worked in Yaphank for a number of years and use to walk his K9 in Southaven park. Bellport was one of the areas he overed in the '90's and is back covering again. Tim, I was born and raised in the same town he works now. Thanks for helping keep it safe! -- Gallery Gal

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